David Brock Memo Reveals Democrats Plan To Impeach Trump To Avenge Hillary

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David Brock memo reveals secret plans by Democrats to impeach trump as revenge for Hillary loss

A leaked David Brock memo reveals an orchestrated plan by the Democrats to push for the impeachment of Donald Trump in order to avenge Hillary Clinton’s loss last year. 

The founder of the far left group Media Matters, spoke to over 100 liberal donors last weekend at a resort in Florida. Donors were gathered at the resort to plan their strategy to bring down the Trump administration.

According to Free Beacon, a private memo sent out by Brock to the group outlines plans of attack for the next four years using “Media Matters, American Bridge, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), and Shareblue.”

From The Washington Free Beacon:

The memo contains plans for defeating Trump through impeachment, expanding Media Matters’ mission to combat “government misinformation,” ensuring Democratic control of the Senate in the 2018 midterm elections, filing lawsuits against the Trump administration, monetizing political advocacy, using a “digital attacker” to delegitimize Trump’s presidency and damage Republicans, and partnering with Facebook to combat “fake news.”

Brock sought to raise $40 million in 2017 for his organizations, and hoped the retreat would lead to the creation of a liberal donor network to rival the network of the conservative Koch brothers.

Sen. Charles Schumer [D-NY] “Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have 6 ways from Sunday at getting back at you”


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  1. Get the list of attendees at this Florida gathering and arrest them for treason/sedition
    It’s not rocket science

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