US fabricated new terror threat to satisfy UN Charter: Analyst

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The United States has concocted a new terror threat, known as the Khorasan Group, to satisfy the UN Charter which allows the use of force without authorization in case of an “imminent threat,” says an analyst.

“The very idea of the Khorasan Group is a fiction spun out of thin air to satisfy the UN Charter, which specifies that one nation may not attack another without UN Security Council approval, unless it is confronted by an ‘imminent threat’,” political commentator James Henry Fetzer told Press TV via email on Monday.

Fetzer, professor emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth, explained that the fabrication of this latest threat by the US to justify its bombing campaign in Syria is in line with “a reversal of US foreign policy” since Sept.11, 2001 attacks.

“We must bear in mind that 9/11 was brought to us by the CIA, the neo-cons in the Department of Defense and the Mossad to justify a reversal of US foreign policy where we had never attacked any nation that had not attacked us first to one in which we became an aggressor nation — and our military engagements have not let up, where we are carrying out the plan to destabilize six Arab nations.”

In recent weeks, the Khorasan Group has been described by US intelligence officials as posing the most immediate threat to the US homeland.

FBI Director James Comey said Sunday that the United States was preparing for an imminent attack by the Khorasan Group.

Army Lt. Gen. William C. Mayville Jr., the Pentagon’s director for operations, warned late last month that the terrorist group was nearing “the execution phase of an attack either in Europe or the homeland.”

“The claim by the new director of the FBI that the Khorasan Group is planning to attack the US (but he can’t say whether that might be in days, weeks or months) is simply more transparent nonsense being espoused by government officials in their fabricated attempts to justify US bombing in Syria, which is designed to weaken President Bashar al-Assad, not destroy ISIL which is a creation of the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel,” Fetzer said.

“As Victoria Nuland of the Department of State confirmed during a national news program recently, we are not there to help Assad but to bring about regime change,” he added.

“Playing upon the gullibility of the American people, this non-existent threat was created for the sake of being able to claim non-violation of the UN Charter,” the analyst emphasized.

The US and several of its Arab allies — Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates, — have been conducting airstrikes against ISIL militants inside Syria since Sept. 22 without any authorization from Damascus or a UN mandate.

Fetzer stressed that the air campaign is primarily aimed at Syria’s infrastructure “to leave Assad in a severely weaken condition.”

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