MSNBC Host Suffers Biggest EVER Anti-Trump Meltdown Live On-Air: WATCH

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MSNBC host suffers epic anti-trump meltdown live on television

MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski suffered an epic meltdown during a live broadcast of “Morning Joe” last week, accusing President Trump of intentionally letting people die from Coronavirus.

An unhinged, visibly enraged Brzezinski angrily ranted through a series of debunked claims, which included false stories such as:

  • Trump putting children in cages (FALSE)
  • Charlottesville (FALSE)

Brzezinski then said at the end of the segment:

“If you’re sensing a little intensity here, I’m a little amped up because this is an emergency.”

Mika was responding to the recent story of a brave Florida sheriff banning his officers from wearing face muzzles at work. reports: Mika launched into a tirade  (primarily focused on President Donald Trump)  and screamed herself hoarse.

Check it out:

This is Mika is generally muzzled when her co-host is present.

We send our condolences to Joe Scarborough. It can’t be easy living with this woman.

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