Ex-London Mayor Says Saudi Arabia More Of A Threat Than Russia

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Former London mayor Ken Livingston says that Saudi Arabia poses more of a threat to the UK than Russia

Former London Mayor Ken Livingstone has told a conference in Moscow that Saudi Arabia poses a far greater risk to the security of Britain than Russia. 

The ex-London mayor told the conference, “The simple fact is, the West doesn’t face a threat from Russia. We now face a threat from Muslim fundamentalism. Most of which has been funded by Saudi Arabia, our principal ally, which has funded the most intolerant strand of Islam which bears no relation to the teaching of the Prophet Mohammed.

Outspoken Livingstone also accused the U.S. of being partially to blame for 9/11 due to their funding of mujhadeen in Afghanistan.

Independent.co.uk reports:

Russia was getting a bad press and President Vladimir Putin was being demonised he also claimed. “In Britain no one is told about the discrimination against Russian-speaking people in the Baltic States, no one is told that it was actually pressure from the EU that insisted to the then Ukrainian president that they wouldn’t sign a trade deal unless they stopped negotiating a trade deal with Russia, and then when the president decided that he wouldn’t do that, oddly enough he was overthrown.”

During a panel discussion Mr Livingstone added that the “right things” were not being done to stop Islamic terrorism.

“The right thing isn’t being done, almost all Muslim fundamentalism has been funded by the Saudis and the Qataris, going back 70 years, spreading a particularly hate-filled Wahabi strand of Islam and Britain and America should be saying to them ‘You’ve got to stop funding this or you cannot be our ally’.”

Only now has Washington just begun to see that it needed to cooperate with Iran and Russia to combat Muslim terrorism, he said. “We need a broad coalition. The West is discredited after the fiasco over the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. We need to bring in not just Russia and Iran but China, Nigeria and Brazil as well. It needs to be the world standing together. That’s what the UN was created for.”

Mr Livingstone warned the world was at a turning point. “I think if we don’t recognise the threat and if we don’t recognise our real allies then this could on for decades.”

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