Militants Attack Museum Near Tunisian Parliament – At Least 8 Dead

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Militants Attack Museum Near Tunisian Parliament - At Least 8 Dead

The Tunisian Interior Ministry reports that at least eight people have died following a shooting at the Bardo National museum in Tunis.

Two militants disguised as soldiers carried out the attacks and is is believed that hostages are still in the building.

RT reports:

Militants dressed as soldiers have attacked the Tunisia Assembly, local journalists say. The parliament, who was in session during the time of the attack, is located in Bardo Palace, which is also home to a national museum.

A spokesman for the Tunisian Interior Ministry, Mohammed al-Aroui has confirmed a hostage situation is taking place at the Bardo Museum.

The Ministry says that seven tourists have been killed and the other victim is a Tunisian citizen. There are has been unconfirmed reports that the foreign tourists were from France, Spain and Italy.

He added that there were at least two armed men in the museum and the parliamentary building had been evacuated as a precaution. The attack focused on the museum.

Lawmakers confirmed to AFP gunfire was heard. However, it is not clear whether shots were fired inside the assembly itself or already in the museum.

Unconfirmed images of hostages circulate the web. Geotags suggest they were taken inside the Bardo National Museum.

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