Italian Army Growing Medical Marijuana To Reduce Prices

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The Italian military aims to lowers the cost of medical marijuana by growing it themselves!

The Italian army has unveiled its first cannabis farm, set up to try to lower the cost of medical marijuana in the country.

According to officials at a government-funded greenhouse outside Florence, Italy’s first medical marijuana crop, grown by the country’s military – is “coming along nicely”

The director of the facility, Colonel Antonio Medica, told Italian daily Corriere della Sera that the aim of the operation was to provide users with a product that is not always easily available on the market, at a more competitive price.

Italian Army Growing Medical Marijuana To Reduce Prices

RT report: Medical marijuana has been legal in the country since 2013 as pain relief for conditions such as multiple sclerosis and cancer, and as treatment for others, such as glaucoma.

However, as there have been no licensed producers, and the state would not pay for the treatment, those with prescriptions have had to purchase it abroad, from the Netherlands and Germany, at prices that reach up to 40 euros ($45) per gram.

This means many patients have simply been buying their drugs off the street, financing drug dealers, who do not pay taxes, and may be engaged in other illegal activities. By producing 100 kg of its own weed, the government hopes to undercut the street dealers.

“We’re aiming to lower the price to under 15 euros ($17), maybe even around 5 euros ($5.60) per gram,’ said Medica, who noted that this would be similar to the black market price of the drug.

The government chose a military lab, due to existing security and surveillance arrangements.

While the innovations will help medicinal users, they are unlikely to undermine the illegal marijuana market in a country where one in five admitted to being smokers of the drug in a survey conducted in 2012.

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