Airplane! Director Slams Cancel Culture, Says His Movie Couldn’t Be Made Today

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American film director, producer, and screenwriter David Zucker has hit out against cancel culture, saying that it is ruining comedy and making studios do ridiculous things like putting trigger warnings on classic movies.

Zucker who is associated with parody comedies like the Naked Gun, was the director and writer of the iconic 1980 film Airplane!

In an essay for Commentary magazine he acknowledges that he would struggle to get the film made today because studio executives would be scared of a backlash over controversial jokes.

Asked “Could you make ‘Airplane!’ today?” he replies: “Of course, we could. Just without the jokes.”

Breitbart reports: David Zucker revealed that Paramount Pictures had second thoughts about re-releasing Airplane! for its 40th anniversary last year over concerns that the movie would offend some people. Paramount actually “discussed withholding the re-release over feared backlash for scenes that today would be deemed ‘insensitive,’” Zucker wrote.

The scenes in question include the “jive” scene, in which Leave It to Beaver actress Barbara Billingsley, who is white, translates for two black characters who speak “jive.”

“I’ve lost count of the number of people who have said to me, ‘You couldn’t do that scene today,’” Zucker added.

Watch below:

While Zucker doesn’t mention “cancel culture” by name in the essay, he refers to the cultural veto power that “9 percent” of the population wields.

“There is a very vocal, though I believe small, percentage of the population that can’t differentiate between Glue Sniffing Joke and Glue Sniffing Drug Problem,” he wrote.

“It is these people whom studio executives fear when they think twice about rereleasing Airplane! on its 40th anniversary, when they put disclaimers in front of Blazing Saddles, or when they pressure writers to remove jokes that are otherwise perfectly offensive.”

HBO Max has put a trigger warning before Blazing Saddles, cautioning audiences that the movie features “racist language and attitudes.”

Zucker argued that such a mindset isn’t conducive to creativity.


  1. I attribute this to Nickelodeon and Disney who destroyed comedy with laugh tracks in every sentence.
    Try watching iCarly and see if you laugh quite as much as the laugh track.

    Now kids can’t tell the difference between a joke or a statement.

    • It’s much more about depth psychology. It’s invasive into the human psyche It’s like being taken down to the Ciliaseum.on Saturday afternoon (iver 500 years) with your mum and dad grand kids great grand kids great great grandkids etcetera etcetera to laugh your heads off at Christians being mauled by lions and gladiators tearing each other to death. It’s about creating GENETUCAKK INHERITED PSYCHOPATHY.

      • Genetically inherited The scientists have known for centuries that human s can be conditioned into personality that is inherited.

  2. Humour has been hijacked by social scientists as a devious way to make the hateful humorous They know people will accept whatever they find amusing No matter how monstrous Like laughing at Crucifixion, Romes favourite method of eliminating criminality, in The Life of Brian, for example A lovely Christian piece of British comedy, do acclaimed by the industry for its innovation in brainwashing a nation All that, carry on campaigning style of let there be entertainment. By rule of Law and Royal. COMMAND performance.

  3. It’s about intentions Are they to denigrate or elevate? Passive aggression is revolting and insidious deceitful manipulative conniving and evil It breeds psychopathy into children’s minds.. What are the intentions. And it’s used in corporate training for customer service now because they know its outcomes The politely spoken bitch who shuts down your valid complaint with some passive aggressive dismissive statement. All that scientific training in human interactions under Corporate Law.

  4. That little sjot of blatant ani Christian propaganda centred on a vanguard of femonust assault upon primal masculinity is revolting Old nanny Mary Pooppins playing Goody Governess putting tiny Tim in his place like a Jack in his box and teaching him his lessons about white feminist Supremcy is very passive, well not really, is very Aggressively done. But they know most teenagers, white boys, will find it a hoot So funny . And pay and pay to be brainwashed by femonust propagandas all wanting mummy to give them a good spanking down at the bond age dungeons when they’re old enough tp pay and pay

    • And see the 3 generations female The girlfriend daughter who goes to get his “mefivine” She’s Dr nurse and the tall superior granny mother superior governess governor gives him his VERBAL She’s the lawyer. And then the mum finishes him off after he’s sentenced by stabbing him in the vax All as Feminist white supremacist man hating racism . Its all in. Ya face.

  5. 70 years of canned laugh tracks and forgettible one line joke driven cookie cutters it is no wonder that a 40 years old one liner no longer has much of a market sells were never that great.Many people still watch that old smit on comet so there is a market but oh so limited.It was never a art house it was a cookie cutter cheap tass gag bits so move on-it was and is too forgettible.the show about nothing will never leave our heads this crap was never in our heads in the first place studio dribble

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