Abortionist Caught Strangling Baby Who Survived Abortion

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Babies who survive late-stage abortions are routinely strangled to death by abortion doctors, according to a European physician.

Babies who survive late-stage abortions are routinely “strangled” to death by abortion doctors, according to a European physician whose chilling testimony on the barbaric practices of abortion doctors claims they often improvise and suffocate the newborn infant, or “place the child in a refrigerator” to die of cold. 

Sometimes aborted babies are accidentally born alive. The abortionist then faces an awkward situation. The baby is supposed to be dead. That is what the mother paid for. It is not surprising that many babies who manage to hold on to life through a brutal abortion procedure end up dying shortly after birth, either by neglect or by deliberate acts of violence.

According to the European female physician, abortion doctors give young doctors and nurses barbaric instructions on how to kill babies if they survive an abortion. In a document published by the European Center for Law & Justice (which can be found in its entirety here), Dr. D.F. gives the following testimony. The incident took place while she was still a medical student:

At the guard in the delivery room, a woman was in labor as part of an abortion on medical grounds at 5 months pregnant. The birth was imminent, and the gynecology interns were prepared. The senior gynecologist of the guard who is about to return to her bed, approaches the interns and said in a low voice, but loud enough for me to hear: “If the child is breathing on arrival, you press hard here on the trachea [airway] until it completely stops breathing,” and turning to me: “And you, you did not hear anything.”

At five months, a preborn baby is fully formed. He or she can taste changes in the flavor of the amniotic fluid and may jump at sudden loud noises. The baby has fingernails and toenails as well as unique fingerprints. Hair is beginning to grow on the baby’s scalp. The baby at this stage also feels pain — including the pain of being strangled after birth.

An unborn child’s development at five months.

Swedish author Vivian Wahlberg wrote the book Memories After Abortion, which contains first-hand stories of women who had abortions and discusses studies on abortion’s aftermath. In the book’s introduction, she reveals that she had a personal brush with abortion – an incident that left her deeply troubled.

While training to become a nurse, Wahlberg was called upon to assist an abortion performed at 22 weeks. By 22 weeks, a preborn baby can respond to sounds and his or her eyes can detect light. The baby is sensitive to temperature and feels pain.

Wahlberg describes the abortion:

The operation was performed through an abdominal incision. I vividly remember the moment when the doctor lifted out the whimpering baby and put it into a receptacle, which he then passed to me with instructions to put it on the fridge. Often I would go to the fridge and open the door slightly, full of wonder and feelings of ambivalence towards the tiny baby – who was later collected with the rest of the department’s biological waste.

The living baby was placed in a refrigerator to die of cold. Even though he or she was alive outside of the womb, no care was given. Very few babies have survived being born at 22 weeks, but it is not unheard of. The youngest premature baby to survive was 21 weeks and 6 days at birth.  Although there was a chance that this child could have lived, he or she was never given the opportunity. The baby was torn from the safety of his mother’s womb and died alone, shivering in the cold, while the people who took his life ignored him.

LiveAction reports: It is unknown how many babies have actually been born alive in the abortion facility and killed by strangulation or by being placed in the refrigerator and left to die.

In case you don’t think such things could happen in the United States, think again. There are documented cases of U.S. abortionists strangling to death babies born alive after an abortion.

In March of 1977 a baby girl was born alive after a late-stage abortion at Westminster Community Hospital. Abortionist Dr. William Baxter Waddill had injected saline solution into the abortion patient’s womb to kill her baby, then induced labor. The baby was supposed to be delivered dead.

But this baby girl was a fighter. Somehow, the seven-month-old baby girl survived the injection.

Dr. Waddill was not in the clinic when the baby was born. Nurses put the baby into a bucket. When they heard the baby start to cry, they had no idea what to do. They called their supervisor, who called Dr. Waddill at home.

When Dr. Waddill arrived, he strangled the baby girl to death. Witnesses heard him exclaim in frustration, “This baby won’t stop breathing!”

When the killing of the baby came to light, Dr. Waddill was taken to court and faced a jury. After two mistrials, the judge dismissed the charges. Dr. Waddill walked out of the courthouse a free man and went back to doing abortions. It is unknown whether he strangled any more babies in the privacy of his facility, though he was never accused again.

It is unbearably sad that a doctor was able to kill a seven month old baby in front of witnesses and not be punished, and that such practices go on today in at least one foreign hospital. With the Kermit Gosnell case and the testimonies of abortion facility workers working for Douglas Karpen in Texas, we know similar killings have happened many times since 1977, many in very recent years.

Unless witnesses are willing to come forward, prosecutors are willing to press charges, and juries are willing to convict, we have reason to believe the practice of killing babies born alive in abortion facilities will continue.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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        Further are religions very dangerous and more wars are fought over religion then of any other cause. Even between Christians (Catholics vs Protestants and Protestants have many branches) In the Islam it is written in their Holy book that one has to kill infidels and that is everybody who is not Muslim. Keep religion out of politics and out of health. If a woman has been raped, it is acceptable that she can have an abortion before 12 weeks. But it is not a birth control and if the fetus is old enough to survive a early birth, it is ridiculous to have an abortion. That is murder. But hunting for Trophies is also murder and these hunters take out the biggest males so the Gene Pool of Lions, Bears, Deer are getting smaller. And the human race is getting to 8 billion people, that is very scary. If we were animals we would be killed as pests. We are part of nature and our species are getting way out of balance.

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