FBI Warns of Sudden ‘Cyber Attacks’ on Food Plants After Mysterious Rash of Explosions

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FBI warns of cyber attacks after spate of explosions and fires at US food plants

The FBI has warned of a sudden increase in “cyber-attacks” on agricultural cooperatives following a recent spate of fires and explosions on major food processing plants across the country.

“Ransomware actors may be more likely to attack agricultural cooperatives during critical planting and harvest seasons, disrupting operations, causing financial loss, and negatively impacting the food supply chain,” the FBI’s Cyber Division declared in a statement this week, warning that 2021 and early 2022 ransomware attacks on farming co-ops could affect the current planting season “by disrupting the supply of seeds and fertilizer.”

The bureau warned, “A significant disruption of grain production could impact the entire food chain, since grain is not only consumed by humans but also used for animal feed … In addition, a significant disruption of grain and corn production could impact commodities trading and stocks. “

The FBI’s warning comes as “several very large food processing facilities have ‘mysteriously’ exploded or caught fire across the U.S.”

The most recent incidents were fires at two food processing plants in Oregon. The first, on Monday night, a fire destroyed Azure Standard’s joint headquarters and warehouse facilities. The second was a giant explosion on Tuesday at a Shearer’s Foods plant. 

Internet sleuths pieced together a compilation of headlines showing a concerning spate of fires and explosions at food processing plants across the country in the last 12 months amid increasing food shortages:

Infowars.com reports: One sleuth highlights recent warehouse fires affecting food supply chains in a series of tweets. 

This is all happening as the Ukraine-Russian conflict has disrupted the global food supply chain. Food prices are at record highs, and the Rockefeller Foundation just released their timeframe of when a “massive, immediate food crisis” may begin — they say, “in the next six months.”

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