68% of Americans DITCH Disney Following It’s Pro-Pedophilia Stance

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Americans ditch Disney following its pro-pedophilia scandal

A whopping 68% of Americans are ditching Disney following the company’s decision to become a pro-pedophilia organization, a new poll has found.

A few weeks ago, the woke leftists at Disney declared war against the Florida legislature for introducing legislation that bans perverted teachers and pedophiles from exposing kids to sexually explicit material in the classroom.

The bill, titled ‘Parental rights in Education,’ infuriated Democrats who labeled it the “don’t say gay” bill, even though homosexuality isn’t mentioned in the bill at all.

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: Nevertheless, Disney felt that the anti-groomer legislation was a hill that the billion-dollar mega-corporation was apparently willing to die on, with its executives and employees acting as some of the most vocal crusaders in the smear campaign against Florida’s parents.

Given its core business model of supposedly ‘family-friendly entertainment for children,’ Disney’s backing of radical sexual indoctrination for young children has – rightly – caused a seismic backlash among its customer base.

Well, as the saying goes, ‘get woke, go broke.’ However, it’s a whole different game when people’s innocent children are involved, and Disney seems to be learning that lesson the hard way after seeing its company stock prices crater by nearly $50 billion since they planted their flag in the ground for the groomers.

According to the Washington Examiner, Disney has lost an astonishing $46.6 billion since March 1, just days before the company waged war with Florida, and the prospects for a turnaround anytime soon aren’t looking good.From the Washington Examiner:

“Disney’s stock was down more than 2% on Friday and by more than 8.5% over the past few days as Florida lawmakers work to punish the company for wading into the state’s politics. The stock’s market cap has declined by about $46.6 billion since March 1, just days before the company came out against the legislation.”

In addition to the pummeling on the market, new polling shows that consumers are seriously reconsidering whether or not to stop doing business with Disney.

A Trafalgar Group poll that was released this week showed that almost 70% of respondents are “less likely” to do business with the company because “news reports reveal Disney is focusing on creating content to expose young children to sexual ideas.” Just 9.4 percent said they would be “more likely” to do business with Disney after finding out about their agenda.

Nearly half of Democrats were even against Disney’s recent stance.

Disney’s mass-pummeling doesn’t end there. The company is also facing several new changes that were just passed by the Florida legislature. They have even lost their ‘special’ self-governing status within the state.

Backing the radical sexual indoctrination of children has its consequences.

Ron DeSantis and the Florida Republicans put their foot down with this one. And it’s about time. Now it’s up to the rest of America to follow suit,.Boycott groomers.

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