Biden Claims “The Overwhelming Majority of the American People” Support His Economic Agenda

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Joe Biden

Jaoe Biden told reporters that “the overwhelming majority of the American people” supported his economic agenda.

This is despite exit polls showing that 75% people are unhappy with the state of the union

The Gateway Pundit reports: Joe Biden was cocky and defiant during the Q & A session of his presser after Marc Elias and the Democrat machine worked to steal races across the country.

Biden said the overwhelming majority of Americans are happy with record high inflation and soaring gas prices.

“The overwhelming majority of the American people support my economic agenda… I’m confident these policies are working,” said Biden.


A reporter asked Joe Biden about the abysmal exit polls showing 75% of Americans are unhappy with the state of the union.

7 in 10 voters are unhappy with the state of the nation and largely negative on Joe Biden, according to CNN exit polls.

“75% of people say the country is heading in the wrong direction… What do you intend to do differently?” the reporter asked Biden.

“Nothing because they’re just finding out what we’re doing,” said Biden.

Stolen elections have consequences.


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