MSNBC Host Suggests John Fetterman Could Run For President

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Obama Fretterman

The idea of Democrat John Fretterman running for President might sound ludicrous until you remember who the current US commander in chief is.

Fetterman managed to win Pennsylvania’s US Senate race this week, despite stuggling to speak and having auditory processing issues following a massive stroke in May.

Yet now, we have an MSNBC host already floating the idea of Fetterman running for president.

FOX News reports: MSNBC host Katy Tur speculated on Wednesday that Pennsylvania Senator-Elect John Fetterman could run for the presidency someday.

Fetterman’s victory against Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz provided Democrats a flipped Senate seat on Tuesday, in which several MSNBC panelists praised him for bringing new leadership tactics to the Democratic Party.

Tur floated the viability of, “Fetterman, as a nominee at some point for president,” before later going on to say that his record for surpassing President Biden and former President Trump’s vote share in the state.

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell declared that she had extensive experience with Pennsylvania, and praised Fetterman for making so much progress with voters.

“I spent a lot of time covering this race, and with Pennsylvania politics, going back some decades, and I started my career there, but the fact that John Fetterman did, first of all, so much better with White non-college-educated voters. Better than Biden, better than Trump, so he ran ahead of both of them, but he also, you know, did fairly well in the cities and in the [unintelligible] counties.”


  1. So it looks like the Dem plan for America is to keep electing potatoheads for president and other offices? Yeah, great idea Dems, that will earn you lots of votes – NOT. It’s not as if votes actually count though…

  2. This, United global propaganda to depict Americans as some sort of supreme role model of the ideal human is absurdity unlimited. Absolutely the opposite.

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