China’s Military Ordered To ‘Prepare For War’ As Tensions With US Escalates

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Diplomatic relations between Washington and Beijing hit rock bottom.

China’s President has ordered his military commanders to “prepare for war” as tensions continue to escalate over the future of the South China Sea and Taiwan and diplomatic relations between Washington and Beijing hit rock bottom.

President Xi Jinping told the military region responsible for monitoring the South China Sea and Taiwan to “assess the situation it is facing and boost its capabilities so it can handle any emergency”

Zero Hedge reports: The Southern Theatre Command has had to bear a “heavy military responsibility” in recent years, state broadcaster CCTV quoted Xi as saying during an inspection tour made on Thursday as part of his visit to Guangdong province.

“It’s necessary to strengthen the mission … and concentrate preparations for fighting a war,” Xi said. “We need to take all complex situations into consideration and make emergency plans accordingly. “We have to step up combat readiness exercises, joint exercises and confrontational exercises to enhance servicemen’s capabilities and preparation for war” the president-for-life added.

According to the South China Morning Post, Xi’s visit to the military command was one of several he made during a four-day trip to the south China province aimed at bolstering confidence amid an economic slowdown, and growing trade and strategic disputes with the United States.

Xinhua reports President Xi “stressed the need to focus on combat research and commanding, to advance work in all areas and accelerate developing strong and efficient joint-operation commanding institutions for theatre commands to comprehensively boost the military’s battle-winning ability.”

The president instructed the military to ramp-up opposition to ‘freedom of navigation’ exercises being undertaken by the US, Australia, France, the UK, Japan and others through the waterway through which arterial shipping lanes have grown since the end of World War II.

“He ordered the troop to keep a close watch for changes in the situations and to strengthen analysis to firmly protect border stability and safety of the people’s life and property,” Xinhua reported Xi as saying.

“After hearing a report on their work, he underlined the importance of preparing for war and combat, while taking consideration of various complex situations, improving response plans and focusing on real-combat training.”

Xi’s words represent a significant ramp-up in the rhetoric between Beijing and Washington. China has been angered by US sanctions on its military for buying weapons from Russia, and by what Beijing sees as renewed Washington support for democratic Taiwan. Earlier this month, US Vice-President Mike Pence took the tensions between Washington and Beijing to a new level: “Using that stolen technology, the Chinese Communist Party is turning ploughshares into swords on a massive scale,” he said.

Meanwhile, the US recently sailed two warships through the Taiwan strait, claiming “freedom of navigation”, and further angering China.


  1. “Come on, guys, war is big business, and big business needs war!” Besides, war is good for the economy, in that, it provides jobs…and so, “Let’s get this war started, shall we?”

    • I agree…lets get this war started….. it is so long overdue…. we were promised this war and we damn well have it….

  2. You can’t rip off Americans for their money anymore with your cheap knock off made in China products, so now you want war, You got one air craft carrier and now you are a global force?

    • The first step will be to liberate all the Chinese people presently held in servitude in the USA, Europe and elsewhere. Then the Paradise of China will be a reality.
      Article 1 Of the Peace Treaty between the Socialist Republic of Viet-Nam and the Peoples Republic of Kampuchea.
      “(China and Taiwan) undertakes to do all they can to defend and constantly develop the traditional militant solidarity, friendship and fraternal co-operation between (Taiwan and China) and mutual trust and assistance in all fields on the basis of respect for each others independence, sovereignty and legitimate interests, non-interference in each others internal affairs, equality and mutual benefit.
      The two sides shall all they can to educate cadres, fighters and people of their respective countries to preserve the traditional (Chinese Taiwan) military solidarity and loyal friendship and make them pure and clear forever.”

    • the Chinese have the capacity to immobilize the yanks air craft carriers…. strike one…. the Chinese have the biggest navy on the planet.. strike two.. you are an ignorant dickhead,…… strike three … you are out… lol……

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