Trump Calls Democratic Megadonor “Crazed & Stumbling Lunatic”

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Billionaire Democratic donor Tom Steyer, one of those targeted in the recent mail bomb scare, has accused US President Donald Trump of normalizing political violence.

The president then retaliated on Twitter calling ‘Wacky Tom Steyer’ a “crazed and stumbling lunatic…”

RT reports: Trump went on one of his signature Twitter rants against Steyer on Sunday after CNN aired a wide-ranging interview with the billionaire hedge fund manager. Steyer, a vocal Trump critic, has accused the president of creating an atmosphere of hatred in society by pitting his supporters against everyone else.

Steyer was speaking in particular about the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre in which gunman Robert Bowers killed 11 people and injured six.

“I think his [Trump’s] response to the tragedy was appropriate, but there’s something much bigger than that going on here, which is the atmosphere that he’s created – and that the Republican Party has created – in terms of political violence,” Steyer said, adding that he was “absolutely” blaming Trump for the toxic atmosphere in the country.

Steyer checked all the marks, calling Trump “corrupt,” saying he “has been breaking the law systematically,” is generally unfit to run the country and must be impeached.

“If you ask Americans broadly – Democrats, Republicans and Independents – more people are in favor of that than aren’t,” the billionaire said.

Steyer said Republicans are the only ones fanning violence, while Democrats merely stand up to the virulent rhetoric coming from the GOP.

“You can’t find prominent Democrats who are leading chants with violent overtones… all the kinds of attempts to play to people’s strongest emotions.”

One example of a Democrat doing exactly that is Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), who called on her supporters to harass Trump administration officials in public. Several Republican lawmakers have since been heckled and forced out of public eateries by angry protesters. “When we go low, we kick ’em” by Obama-era AG Eric Holder is another.

Trump, who had apparently tuned in to “failing” CNN to watch Steyer’s censure, then took to his favorite medium, Twitter, to return the verbal blow. He even coined a nickname for Steyer – ‘Wacky Tom Steyer’ – a tell-tale sign that America’s easily-irritated president is seriously upset.

“He comes off as a crazed & stumbling lunatic who should be running out of money pretty soon,” Trump wrote.


  1. Steyer has been ‘amping up’ the anti-Trump rhetoric lately so he must be feeling the hot breath of AG Session’s ‘trafficking’ prosecutors.

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