Republican Mike Johnson Is Elected House Speaker

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Mike Johnson house speaker

Republicans unanimously elected conservative Rep. Mike Johnson as Speaker of the House of Representatives on Wednesday.

The 51 year old Louisiana lawmaker won all 220 votes in the lower chamber of Congress.

After taking the gavel Johnson declared: “The people’s House is back in business”

The Mail Online reports: His victory will now allow the House of Representatives to conduct regular business again, which is desperately needed with less than a month until a potential government shutdown and as the Israel-Hamas war intensifies.

‘I’ll say this: we’re going to dispense with all the usual ceremonies and celebrations that traditionally follow a new speakership because we have no time for either one. The American people’s business is too urgent in this moment,’ Johnson told reporters after his win. 

‘You’re going to see Congress working as hard as it’s ever worked and we’re going to deliver for the American people. I’m grateful for this opportunity. I want to thank you for being patient with us,’ he added. 

The House will catapult back into legislative business that includes a resolution to support Israel and a contentious spending battle. 

‘This is a beautiful country,’ Johnson said on the House floor immediately after his election, noting that the U.S. faces many challenges currently.

‘We stand at a very dangerous time…A strong America is good for the entire world,’ he said to applause from both the Democratic and Republican side of the chamber. 

A faith-filled man, the new speaker mentioned how his wife prayed on her knees for weeks leading to his election. 

He invoked God in his introductory speech as well. He referenced the ‘In God We Trust’ motto of the House of Representatives. 

The Republican said the first course of action the House will take under his leadership is adopt a resolution condemning Hamas and in support of Israel.

‘We have a catastrophe at our souther border,’ he also added. ‘The status quo is unacceptable and we must come together and address the broken border. We have to do it.’

Johnson said there must be a reigning in of federal spending in order to bring down inflation. 

‘The greatest threat to our national security is our nation’s debt,’ he added. 

‘This speaker’s office is going to be known for decentralizing the power here,’ Johnson concluded. 

He said he wants members more involved and influenced in all the processes of the House. 

Trust, transparency and accountability will be pillars of how he will run the leadership office. 

He was sworn into the office of the speaker by the Dean of the House Rep. Hal Rogers, R-K.Y.

Immediately after his swearing in, the House took up the resolution in support of Israel as it faces attacks from Hamas terrorists. 

President Joe Biden said that he has no issues with new Speaker Johnson on Wednesday during a press conference with Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

Former President Donald Trump – who publicly backed Johnson – cheered his election Wednesday. 

‘Congratulations to Rep. Mike Johnson. He will be a GREAT “SPEAKER.” MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!’ he wrote on Truth Social. 

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