AG Barr Opens Investigation Into Biden Corruption

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AG William Barr has launched an investigation into allegations Joe Biden abused his position as VP to protect his son's company that was being investigated by Ukraine's top prosecutor.

U.S. Attorney General William Barr has launched an investigation into allegations Joe Biden abused his position as VP to protect his son’s company that was being investigated by Ukraine’s top prosecutor.

Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn claimed on Friday that the Department of Justice is investigating Biden for “conflicts of interest” and “possible corruption” during his tenure under the Obama regime.

“Since the summer of 2016, the Obama Justice Department conducted a counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign and Russian influence, which lead to a further 2-year investigation of President Trump by Special Counsel Mueller, producing no charges against him,” Cornyn tweeted.

“Now, the Trump Justice Department is investigating foreign government influence, VP Biden conflicts of interest, and possible corruption.” reports: In recent days, a series of reports have revealed the extent of Attorney General William Barr’s efforts to enlist foreign help in the effort to ‘investigate the investigators’ by probing the origins of the Russia probe. 

He traveled to Italy to meet with law enforcement and hear a deposition of a Maltese professor and traveled to Great Britain, while President Trump was reported to have called the prime minister of Australia seeking cooperation. Trump also asked Ukraine and China to investigate Biden, who leads polls for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Cornyn may have been referring to the investigation Barr has tasked U.S. Attorney John Durham to conduct. Trump gave Barr ‘full and complete authority’ to declassify information as part of the probe. 

There has been no public reporting that Durham is focusing his probe on issues related to Biden, who served as Vice President during the start of the probe.

But in the transcript of his call to the president of Ukraine, Trump brings up Biden and his son, Hunter. Trump on Thursday blasted Hunter for his business dealings in China and asked the Chinese regime to investigate him. Trump’s own daughter and son-in-law also have had business dealings in China. 

It could not immediately be confirmed that the main Justice Department, or Durham, was probing Biden.

Cornyn is a former Texas attorney general and a lawyer.  


    • What a ridiculous comment. The swamp creatures are the deep state democrats. You will find out who is truly swampy.

      • NO, THE deep state runs thru party lines. McCain was one, Lindsey is one, but is working for the good guys because he saw the light and Trump made his mind right. Pompeo, Mr. mustache are deepstate creatures. Trump had to surround himself with them.

  1. Another investigation into the corruption of the zerobama administration that will go nowhere! Time to start prosecuting these son of a biscuit eaters and jail them.

  2. Why that outrage in the GLOBAL MSM when real facts lead to justified corruption investigations on democrats? The GLOBAL MSM was never shy echoing whatever smear rumor and hoax presented as the news of the day when it concerned Trump or the conservatives! MSM bias? 100x YES! MSM corrupted? 100x YES! MSM sold to NWO? MSM antipatriotic? 100x YES! MSM anti-American? 100x YES! MSM enemy of a majority of American people? YES, YES, YES. 100X

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