Super Tides To Bring Floods To Cornwall, UK

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UK weather warning: Super tides to bring floods to parts of Cornwall

Flood warning have been issued by The Environmental Agency for the North Cornwall coast due to unusually high ‘super’ tides in the area. 

The high spring tides are higher than usual due to the autumn equinox. reports:

These tides are referred to as ‘super tides’ and have meant that the North Cornwall coast have been told to be aware of potential flooding.

Super tides occur because of the position of the moon and sun during the autumn equinox coinciding with the high spring tides. The gravitation pull of the sun and moon combine making the tides higher than they normally would do.

Tides could be up to half a metre higher than usual during this time.

The Environmental Agency is expecting to issue further warnings to be alert along the coast for the rest of the week but due to the lack of unsettled weather believes that the chance of flooding is low.

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