Jamaica Demands UK Hands Over BILLIONS in Reparations Over Slavery

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Jamaica wants UK to hand over billions in reparations over slavery

Jamaica plans to demand massive sums of money from the U.K. government for its involvement in the slave trade, a senior Jamaican government official declared at the weekend.

A corresponding petition will be submitted to Queen Elizabeth II,  Jamaican Minister for Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport Olivia Grange said.

“We are hoping for reparatory justice in all forms that one would expect if they are to really ensure that we get justice from injustices to repair the damages that our ancestors experienced,” Grange told Reuters during an interview at the weekend.

“Our African ancestors were forcibly removed from their home and suffered unparalleled atrocities in Africa to carry out forced labor to the benefit of the British Empire. Redress is well overdue”.

Dailycaller.com reports: The petition reportedly stems from a private motion by Jamaican lawmaker Mike Henry, who argued that the U.K. government should pay up £7.6 billion in reparations, Reuters reported.

The sum is a rough equivalent of £20 million that British government borrowed from the Treasury to compensate slave owners that suffered economic losses following the abolition of slavery in 1834, according to Reuters.

Between 1655 and 1838, around 600,000 of over three million Africans enslaved by the British Empire during the transatlantic slave trade were shipped to Jamaica, according to the estimates by The National Library of Jamaica, Reuters reported.


  1. But they were not “kidnapped” from Africa. They were enslaved by their enemies and sold to the tiny hats that sold them and owned them in the “new world”. If blacks would learn history, they would know who to demand reparations from. However, the learning part seems to be a sticking point.

    • The Media is OWNED by the same Windsor/Rothschild banker Cabal that owned the Slave Trade. The narrative for so-called “reparations”, originates and comes through them.

  2. What makes them special; a monopoly on the mastery of subterfuge, LOL

    The British / Roman Empire conspired with the Idumeans to kill Christ, enslave England, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Ireland, South Africa, India, 13 American Colonies, Haiti and many others – damn, get at the ‘end of the line’, fool – bombastic and purposefully ignorant are these voodoo children – born from the wrong side of the River Styx

    • England incorporate 80 %of Africa into its Empire. They were crazy for the slave trade that made the Bank of England and the City of London the most powerful and the richest square mile in earth All due to human trafficking slavery exploitation and plunder of foreign nations using genocide slavery and forced Labour to build their empire

      • My ancestors are English, not British; there is a difference, my grandfather was a master gardener, not from the House of Lords and in no way was Royalty, Ruling class, Roman, etc. – Basically my ancestors were slaves of the British Empire

  3. Yes 70% of the salve trade was to Jamaica to work England’s sugar addiction industry. It was so evil that so many died or were killed for trying to escape that it used huge numbers of trafficked and traded humans.

  4. The British People owe NOTHING. The BRITISH Windsor/Rothschild Banker Cabal OWES EVERYTHING.
    Barach Hussein Obama’s MUSLIM SLAVER Ancestors enslaved their Non-Muslim Cousins for the Windsor/Rothschild Banker Cabal SLAVE TRADE. They then SOLD the Black Slaves to DEMOCRAT Plantation owners in the South. Then American WHITE Men shed their own BLOOD to FREE the Black Slaves, in the Civil War. 600,000 WHITE MEN DIED to FREE THE SLAVES. Why won’t the Windsor/Rothschild-OWNED Media talk about that? Why won’t Obama speak of his Muslim Slaver Ancestors? Why won’t they speak of the 600,000 WHITE Americans who’s BLOOD FREED the Black Slaves? Because they are all LYING SCUM, who only exist due to LIES. Without lies they have no power or wealth. They are NOTHING but a FRAUD.

  5. Africans weren’t the first slaves and black slavery was not limited to Europeans. Black Africans became slaves at the hands of other black Africans.. Look up the slave wars and the Dahomey slave kingdoms. Dutch and English traders and ships facilitated the trade in slaves off the African continent, something we now regard as crimes and for good reason. Yet there’s too much shared blame to single out America or England and there is ZERO justification to make millions pay billions to a minority of people not one of which has ever been a slave. Check this out for a quick primer on slavery.

  6. Remember guys over 90% of slaves around that time were East Africans sold by a crumbled West African empire

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