VIDEO: UFO Takes Over Virgin Atlantic Plane In NYC

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A plane enthusiast caught a UFO trailing a Virgin Atlantic plane as it took off from NYC.


The footage, from July 7, appears to show the object flying past the Virgin Atlantic plane at high speed.

The peculiar object has led to speculation that it may be an extraterrestrial craft.

Rick, from LookNowTV who found the video, said: ‘The person that saw this UFO at JFK films planes often and looks to catch UFOs on video.

‘I even try to film UFOs myself often. Planning on a UFO hunt in NYC soon to hopefully air on LookNowTV. I thought this one doesn’t look like a bug or another plane in the background.

‘I have no reason to believe this guy is a hoax. It’s really unidentified.

‘I shared it with my friends to get further opinions on it, and we could not come to a definitive conclusion on what the object might be so I decided to go with it and share it online.’

But British UFO expert Russ Kellett remains unconvinced.

Mr Kellett said: ‘It seems to get narrower and wider as it’s moving, it’s hard to say. I always send footage to an expert to image enhancement as it looks good but unfortunately it could be anything.


‘There should be nothing getting that close to an aircraft. It doesn’t look to be a bird or anything like that but at a different angle it could be anything. You can believe in UFOs and be logical about images as well.

‘It comes behind from the aeroplane’s tail, you can tell it’s behind but it does move sort of like a bird, when something’s moving when the wings are flapping. If it’s moving away, it will give that appearance.’

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