10 Spirit Photos From The 1920’s That Are Truly Haunting

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These photographs were found in a second-hand bookshop in Lancashire by a curator at the National Media Museum.

They feature photos taken by spirit photographer William Hope in the 1920s.

William Hope became a spirit photographer after he accidentally captured the image of a ghost when taking a photo of a friend.

The 10 photographs below are the most haunting from the collection.

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Hope then went on to found the Crewe Circle, a group of six spirit photographers.

Their popularity shot up after World War I, when grieving relatives were desperate to contact their loved ones.




But not everyone was a believer, and Hope was investigated on a number of occasions.

Despite being outed as a fraud more than once, Hope had a loyal following of believers including Sherlock Holmes author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and continued practising spirit photography right up till his death in 1933.




Yeah, we’re sleeping with the lights on tonight. Shudder.

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