UFO Hovering Over Stonehenge Spotted Recently

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Two days before this years Summer Solstice a huge UFO was spotted hovering above the stones at Stonehenge, before disappearing. 

According to the UFO Sightings Blog – the UFO was black and disc shaped, and was 20-30 feet across.

Nigel Watson, British investigator of UFOs explained to the Express that Stonehenge is a magnet for this type of strange phenomena.

This is due to its location on a number of so called ley lines – hypothetical alignments of a number of places of geographical, historical and paranormal interest, such as ancient monuments.

He said: “Several years ago, a disc-shaped craft was seen by a family driving down a nearby country lane. When they stopped their car to get a better look at it, a bright beam of light cast down from the hovering object, illuminating the trees beneath it.

Dailymail.co.uk reports:

One of the moment famous sightings came out in recently declassified government documents described as ‘Britain’s X-Files’.

The files from 2007 to 2009 reveal several of bizarre reports of encounters with extraterrestrials.

Along with a UFO in Stonehenge, they include a man who claimed he lived with an alien and spaceship sightings near the Houses of Parliament.

The first description of a UFO was from a sighting made in US in 1947, although Met Office reports a quarter of a century earlier had included data on unexplained phenomena.

In 1952, Prime Minister Winston Churchill took the issue so seriously that he ordered reports of sightings to be kept secret to avoid public panic.

UFO expert David Clarke said of the recent sighting, ‘Totally unconvincing. Probably a bird.’

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