Charlie Sheen: Big Pharma Is Covering Up Cure For AIDS

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Charlie Sheen has opened fire on Big Pharma, pointing out that the government owns the patent to "the cure for AIDS" but is "covering it up.”

Charlie Sheen has opened fire on Big Pharma, pointing out that the government owns the patent to “the cure for AIDS” but is “covering it up” to protect “the most ingenious criminal cartel of all time, the pharma racket.

Believe it or not, there is a cure for AIDS,” Charlie Sheen said at a promotional event in New York City for new film 9/11. “Our foul, stinking government is just covering it up.”

Sheen then opened his wallet and pulled out a piece of folded up paper. After carefully unfolding it, he read out the following number. “5676977. That’s the number of the patent. Google it,” he urged. “Blow your mind. That’s the patented cure for AIDS owned by the government that you were never told about. Part of the cure involves silver, go figure.”

They are covering up this cure because there is no money in cures,” the Two And A Half Men star said. “I’m taking a whole galaxy of pills multiple times daily, a cornucopia of toxic drugs to keep myself alive. Do you have any how much this stuff costs?”

I’m not asking for sympathy here, guys. I’m a lucky, lucky, lucky man. I can afford it. But how many other people can afford these prices? We’re talking half a million dollars over a lifetime. Half a million dollars straight into Big Pharma’s pockets.”

Sheen publicly revealed that he was HIV positive in 2015, having been diagnosed roughly four years earlier. In an interview, he referred to the acronym HIV as “three hard letters to absorb” and revealed that he manages his condition with a triple cocktail of antiretroviral drugs.

AIDS is man-made, a depopulation trial run by the scientific-medical complex. They are killing us and we are paying them handsomely for the privilege. Henry Kissinger gave and signed the order to create it. My buddies high up in the CDC told me the government also has the cure for the Ebola virus, swine flu, even cancer.

“You can find the patent number for these cures too. Look them up. Go on. They are desperate to keep these cures under wraps.”

Charlie Sheen’s new film 9/11 opened in theaters on Sept. 8.