Kevin Bacon Says ‘Drag Queens Have The Right’ To Put On Shows ‘For Your Children’

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Banning drag shows aimed at children creates “bad karma” according to Hollywood power couple Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick who blasted anti-grooming laws on Monday and urged supporters to donate to a fund to financially reward drag queens who perform for children.

In a video posted to Bacon’s Twitter account, the couple are seen wearing matching t-shirts saying: “Drag is an art. Drag is a right.”

Bacon captioned the clip: “#DragBans are bad karma. Right now, drag performers and the LGBTQIA+ community need our help.”

The Footloose actor encouraged his followers to support the ACLU’s Drag Defense Fund — an effort whose stated goal is to raise money “in support of the ACLU’s LGBTQ+ rights work.” He also directed followers to his own non-profit organization, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

The post concludes with the hashtag “#DragIsaRight.”

Breitbart reports: A growing number of states, including Florida and Tennessee, are prohibiting drag performances in front of children, citing the frequently raunchy and sexual nature of drag shows.

Tennessee’s law, which was passed in February, restricts drag queen shows and other sexually explicit acts from taking place in front of children or on public property where children may be present. As Breitbart News reported, a federal judge has temporarily blocked the law, claiming it was “likely both vague and overly-broad.”

The state laws have prompted a number of celebrities to protest, including pop star Lizzo, who recently performed in Tennessee with RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni in defiance of the state’s recently passed anti-grooming legislation.

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Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Shakespeare said there’s the 7 ages of man. The first is infancy, the second is the school boy, the third is the lover, the 4 the soldier Divided into the 7 years aof age bracket. 0-7 being the first 7-14 the second, 14 to 21 the third etc.
    At his Globe Theatre only men were allowed to act so all shows were in effect drag shows And most people are so stupid they don’t even understand Shakespeare was not high brow intellectualism, he was a bawdy comedic tragicomic satirist with great verbosity and melodrama They, the English intellectual IMPERIALISTS want us to 4hink he was something he was not. His audiences were the heavily drunken working class low life who would in typical English fashion scream with laughter and hurl foul language and abuse around. They were a people we were very uncensored really and who lived in a time when seeing young men dragged out of prison stark naked, hung drawn and quartered was their entertainment When people in the sticks could be brutalised usually to death when the cops weren’t watching They were not a genteel refined sophisticated people At all. And they no word for gay or poof or lesbian and they didn’t care They just had sex. The only rule was they couldn’t get caught

    • Now taking drag queen’s into transgender is the next step. Here’s a link that tells how the mefical journals were programmed with literature to support the theory that gender is not inmate and is fluid.
      The monster behind Gender Theory and the atrocious lie he based it on
      Jordan Peters on Clips. You tube.
      Now anyone who believed his published “research” who believed the machines settings were “wrong” that burned that little boys penis off, that led to the solution of castrati g him too and then using him as a Guinea pig for the trans industries benefits, is stupid for a start Everyone’s seen kittens and puppies being born and everyone’s Bern able to spot the innate differences between the males and females from very early on without visual evidence of genitals. Everyone knows from childhood that gender is innate.

      • And his full stories on, you guessed it, BBC where else, and I’ve listened to snippets and their conclusions along the lines, what a Shame the BEUTIFUL Theory didn’t work for David. And the clips I’ve skimmed so far all are filled with medical cosmetic surgery ads shoeing how beautiful they are. Mixing two mediums like that is not very moral imp.

  2. Wrong!
    They have the right to put on shows
    -but not to children
    Hey, tran knees
    Leave our kids alone
    Its always the kids with them
    They want to show off to minors
    Thats the kink
    I think

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