President Trump: If Republicans Don’t Vote, I Will Get Impeached

Fact checked
Trump warns supporters that if they don't vote he will get impeached

President Trump has warned supporters that Democrats will move to impeach him if they succeed in taking back the congressional majority this November. 

“They like to use the impeach word,” Trump said, referring to unhinged Democrats such as Rep. Maxine Waters. reports: Trump appeared surprised by the notion of impeachment, adding that “haters” in the Democrat party did not care about the good he was doing for the country.

“How do you impeach somebody that is doing a great job?” he asked, pointing to the strength of the economy.

Trump explained that impeachment would be a bad precedent for Democrats to set, particularly if a Republican majority House felt the need to retaliate against a future Democratic president.

“You take that and what you are going to have is a country that is going to turn into a third world country because if the opposite party becomes president, every time before it even starts, before you have found out whether or not he or she is going to do a good job, they will say, ‘We want to impeach him,’” Trump said. “It is ridiculous.”

Trump urged his supporters to vote Republican in the midterms to protect the country’s success.

“I will worry about that if it ever happens,” Trump said. “If it does happen, it’s your fault because you did not go out to vote … it’s the only way it could happen.”


  1. democrats represent Satan basically Thats the bottom line of all of their freedoms and liberties and fornication’s and drug taking and music and dancing in the streets.

  2. Regardless of Trump, there is no way the country can afford any more Democrat rule. Regardless of how bad Repukes destroy many small areas and state gov’ts, people have to put that aside and keep libtards out of the fed. Worry about the local repukes later.

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