Brain-Damaged Stroke Victim John Fetterman, Declared Victor In Pennsylvania Senate Race

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John Fretterman

Democrat John Fetterman has reportedly won Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senate race over Republican opponent Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Fetterman is a brain-damaged stroke victim who has auditory processing issues and can barely speak following his massive stroke in May.

He also lived off of his parents until he was 50 years old according to reports.

NBC News called the Pennsylvania senate race for Democrat John Fetterman at 12:51 a.m, and ABC News followed suit soon after.

Breitbart reports: After suffering a stroke in May, Fetterman has dealt with auditory processing issues, and his struggles with speaking have been apparent in public appearances. The Democrat, who held a large advantage in the polls in the late Summer, participated in a lone debate with Oz on October 25, just two weeks before the election. 

Mail-in voting had been well underway before the pair’s debate, in which Fetterman relied on a closed captioning system to communicate, and voters received a sincere glimpse into his post-stroke struggles. 

The Democrat, who declared himself “John Fetterwoman,” said during a Democrat primary debate in May that a top priority as Senator would be removing the filibuster and passing abortion legislation. 

If I’m in the United States senate I would immediately support the first campaign to support the elimination of the filibuster to make sure that we codify women’s reproductive freedom in law to make sure that even if the Supreme Court does go down that road and eliminates or revoke Roe v Wade that we already existingly codified that into law and make sure that we can’t go back.

The Democrat also has a radical record when it comes to law and order and criminal justice. As lieutenant governor, Fetterman oversees the state’s Board of Pardons which saw recommendations for commutations for those facing life sentences skyrocket under his watch. He has also said he agrees that Pennsylvania could empty its prisons by one-third and not make anyone less safe. 

So even though Fetterman is unable to communicate with giant monitors and stenographers typing out questions in real time, he is headed to the US Senate. Or is there more to this story?

An undercover camera crew for Project Veritas claim to have filmed “illegal electioneering” for at least two Democratic candidates in a pair of key Pennsylvania races. One was for John Fretterman and the other for Josh Shapiro, who was running for the governor’s seat.

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