Janet Ossebaard Creator Of “The Fall Of The Cabal” Found Dead By Suicide

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Janet Ossebaard

Renowned Dutch filmmaker Janet Ossebaard, known for her documentary series “The Fall of the Cabal” has been confirmed dead, allegedly by suicide, after being reported missing for weeks.

Ossebaard an award-winning journalist together with Cyntha Koeter, a former police detective, unmask the satanic elite, who are pulling the strings of the worlds governments and big corporations and manipulating humanity.

Their docuseries expose crimes so evil, that normal human beings find them hard to comprehend. Yet they are the ‘normal’ day to day practice for the superrich overlords who are secretly destroyong the human race and the earth, for their own enrichment.

Her alleged suicide flies in the face of Janet herself stating over the past few years that she would never take her own life.

Sarkari Exam reports: A prominent figure in the global Great Awakening movement, Janet Ossebaard was best known as the creator of “The Fall of the Cabal.” Her sudden death, reportedly by suicide, has left a void in the alternative media landscape, where she was known for her relentless pursuit of uncovering what she believed were concealed truths and global conspiracies.

Who Was Janet Ossebaard?

Janet Ossebaard gained recognition as a prominent figure in alternative media through her groundbreaking series, “The Fall of the Cabal.” Her work over six years garnered a dedicated following and solidified her status in the alternative media community. Additionally, her contributions in works like “Crop Circles: 2010 Update – The Wake Up Call” further emphasized her commitment to sharing what she saw as vital information with the world.

What Happened to Janet Ossebaard?

The circumstances surrounding Janet Ossebaard’s death are shrouded in mystery and heartbreak. Her disappearance, preceded by a distressing message of intent to end her life and months of emotional exhaustion, has led to speculation and rumors. Some have suggested that she may have been placed under Witness Protection, while others have disturbingly theorized that she may have become a victim of those she sought to expose. These speculations reflect the contentious nature of her work and its divisive impact on society.

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