Thanks To Trudeau Tampons Are To Be Made Freely Available In Men’s Bathrooms

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Men’s bathrooms, including those at Parliament, are to be stocked with free tampons and other feminine hygiene products, thanks to a new policy by Canada’s woke Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The policy requires all federally regulated employers, which includes airports and military bases, to offer free menstrual products in all washrooms, no mater what gender is identified on the door.

TGP reports: Canadian Conservative Sen. Linda Frum shared the news on X, “Back in the day, when only women menstruated, we had to pay for our own products. But now that men menstruate too, these products, as of this week, are mandated to be free in all men’s washrooms in all federal workplaces, including Parliament Hill — where this photo was taken today.”

The New York Post reports:

“This means that every female-identified, male-identified and all gender toilet rooms will need to have menstrual products,” the regulations posted to Canada’s Employment and Social Development website say.

“Unrestricted access to menstrual products better protects menstruating employees and makes sure that they feel safe to use the toilet room that best reflects their gender.”

It is up to each employer to find the funding necessary to purchase these products and disposal containers.

In a statement, Trudeau’s government said that “providing employees with access to menstrual products supports better health outcomes and workplace productivity while reducing the stigma often associated with menstruation.”

Brian Lilley writes in the Toronto Sun, “Then there’s one of those phrases again that is all about eliminating women from our language, “menstruating employees.” It’s right up there with mentruators – recently used in our Parliament – or terms like pregnant people, people who lactate or chestfeeders.”

“Today, we can’t use terms like women because according to the current thinking – but not backed up by biology – not all people who menstruate are women. Men, we are told, can have periods.”
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