Marco Rubio Slams Jan 6 Trial Calling It ‘A Hollywood Political Advertisment’

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Marco Rubio has blasted the Democrats’ January 6 show trial calling it “a Hollywood paid political advertisement

The GOP Senator said that they had even “hired a producer to put this thing on.”

According to Rubio, the House select committee probing the Capitol beach does not constitute a real congressional hearing, but rather “a kangaroo court” and an infomercial for the Democrats’ political purposes.

As the show trial got underway others pointed out that teleprompters were being used:

Summit News reports: Rubio also noted that Democrats have enshrined into law that if any protest like January 6th ever happens again at the Capitol “they’re going to put a fence up,” further asserting “They won’t do that for our country.”

Rubio pointed to the authoritarian power grab Democrats have presided over with January 6th as a pretext, noting “They still have metal detectors in the House chamber, so members have to go through them.”

Referring to destructive Black Lives Matter riots, Rubio said Democrats “will do all these extraordinary things and mobilise the National Guard, but if you’re among the hundreds of small businesses that got burned to the ground, the people that were killed, the people that were harassed, the people that suffered from that, well [they] don’t care about that, that [they’re] going to condone.”

“It doesn’t matter if you torched a police car, killed a security guard, that’s not as big a deal… and if you call out the National Guard or marshalls or anybody else, that’s nothing but the Gestapo, that’s their attitude,” Rubio urged.

“It reveals hypocrisy and the good news is that people see it for what it is, and that’s why they’re getting it handed to them all over the country,” the Senator declared.

Rubio tweeted out his comments made on Hannity, asking when the trial begins for the 2300 acts of looting and 600 acts of arson that were committed during the BLM riots.

Republicans noted Thursday as the show trial got underway that teleprompters were being used:

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