Top US Pastor Warns Artificial Intelligence Is Paving the Way for the Antichrist

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US pastor warns AI is paving the way for the antichrist

A top US pastor has warned that Big Tech’s rollout of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is paving the way for the antichrist to reign over Earth.

During an episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, Pastor Craig Hagin warned that the globalist elites are hellbent on trying to implement a one world government, religion and currency that is predicted in Scripture, ultimately establishing the reign of the antichrist. reports: What’s truly wild is how much technology plays into this. Pastor Hagin explained that while many have been claiming that the Mark of the Beast might be the covid jab or another similar injection, he’s wondered if it could be incorporated into our smart phones, given that we are heading towards a Digital dollar that could impact our ability to buy and sell.

The other interesting aspect of our conversation is how artificial intelligence could play into the antichrist, himself. Could the antichrist actually be an A.I. humanoid?

Pastor Hagin is the co-pastor at Rhema Bible Church and COO of Kenneth Hagin Ministries. He’s also an instructor at Rhema Bible Training College.