CDC Insists Aluminium in Jabs Is ‘Safe’ Despite Evidence Showing It Causes Asthma

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CDC says aluminium in jabs is safe

The CDC is sticking to its narrative that the aluminium adjuvant in jabs is “safe for children,” even though a study has concluded that it its linked to childhood asthma.

The federally-funded study, published in Academic Pediatrics, found that children 24 to 59 months old who received three milligrams (mg) or more of aluminum from vaccines had a 36 percent higher risk of developing asthma compared to non-jabbed children. reports: Dr. Brian Hooker, chief scientific officer for health freedom group Children’s Health Defense, pointed out that the CDC never did a comparison study with children who were not exposed to aluminum from vaccines at all. He explained: “A true comparison should be done between the maximum aluminum exposure at two years of age – which is about four mg [of] total injected aluminum adjuvant – and a zero exposure group.”

Hooker cited a 2020 paper he co-authored, which found an odds ratio of 4.49 for asthma in vaccinated children compared to unvaccinated children. This study, he added, was limited to vaccines in the first year of life.

“My guess is that they will use the insignificant result to sidestep any further discussion on aluminum adjuvants in infant vaccines,” he stated. “That is their method of choice and has been in the past.”

Bigtree, Jaxen blast flawed study

Del Bigtree, the founder of the Informed Consent Action Network, slammed the flawed study during an episode of his program “The HighWire.” Bigtree and his co-host Jefferey Jaxen zeroed in on the CDC’s exclusion of important variables in a supposedly “honest and upright” study about the health and safety of children.

“The bigger story here is not what the study included, but it is what the study did not include,” Jaxen said. “It looked for the association between aluminum exposure to vaccines before age 24 months and persistent asthma at age 24 to 59 months and children were excluded if they were not using the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) site for preventative care.”

The VSD project was established in 1990 by the CDC to study the adverse effects of vaccines.

Listed on the site are children having less than two well-child visits between birth through age 11 months or zero well-child visits between ages 12 and 23 months. Well-child visits are pediatrician appointments with immunization as the main purpose.

“They are not allowing people that just didn’t go inside the VSD site. Those who went to an outside doctor, they are excluded,” Bigtree agreed. “It is one of the scams they use. They exclude anyone that didn’t have at least two well-baby checkups.”

Experts noted a period of increased rates of allergies and asthma in children starting in about 1980, reportedly in connection with aluminum as a vaccine adjuvant. In 2013, the Institute of Medicine (now known as the National Academy of Medicine) called for more federal research into the safety of childhood vaccines, including their use of aluminum.

“And it’s just after 10 years that they are looking into this but all we are getting is milk toast studies. They are whitewashing the studies, they are excluding kids with less than two well-child visits,” Jaxen commented.

Watch Del Bigtree and Jefferey Jaxen tackle the link between aluminum in vaccines and children’s asthma below.


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