Fearing A GOP Midterm Victory, AOC Warns US Is At ‘Precipice of Fascism’

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America is still at the “very critical precipice of fascism,” according to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

During the podcast Pod Save America on Tuesday, the Democratic socialist Rep expressed her fears of a GOP victory while discussing the upcoming midterms and their “high stakes.”

Breitbart reports: After being told listeners were “not loving what they’re seeing in the last couple weeks,” AOC responded by attempting to downplay recent polls spelling doom for Democrats.

“I think polling data — it’s a data point, but it’s really not the end-all be-all,” adding that “if anything, it should act as just a motivator.”

Calling the midterm stakes “incredibly high,” the far-left “Squad” member warned of the “very serious” chance that Republicans could undo all the “progress” of the Biden administration.

If Republicans take the House, they have stated in no unclear terms that they intend to support a national criminal abortion ban; that they want to hold the United States economy hostage in order to gut Social Security and Medicare, and the list goes on: climate change, criminalization of everything, all the stuff,” she said. 

“Not to mention, just try to put a halt to any of the progress that President Biden has been trying to make and the progress that he has been making,” she added.

As a result, she stressed the need for Democrats and their supporters to be doing “so much more” to succeed. 

She then recalled an alleged incident whereby an individual approached her and “just started getting tears in her eyes and she just said, ‘I’m just so scared, I’m just so scared. Are we gonna be OK?’” 

In response, AOC told the woman that she would not tell her “not to worry,” but that “we need to work really, really hard because we are still very much at this very critical precipice of fascism in this country.” 

“And that’s very, very real,” she added.

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