Hunter Biden Is ‘100% Certain’ He’ll Be Cleared Of Any ‘Wrongdoing’ By End Of Tax Investigation

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Hunter Joe Biden

President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden said he is “cooperating completely” with an investigation into his taxes and is absolutely certain he will be vindicated.

As he promoted his new memoir, Hunter Biden told ‘CBS This Morning’ on Sunday: “I am absolutely certain, 100% certain that at the end of the investigation, that I will be cleared of any wrongdoing“.

He added that he trusts the process and feels like he hasn’t done anything wrong.

RT reports: He confirmed last year that the US Attorney in Delaware was investigating his taxes.

“I am confident that a professional and objective review of these matters will demonstrate that I handled my affairs legally and appropriately, including with the benefit of professional tax advisers,” he said in a December statement. 

The investigation followed accusations of corruption and using his father’s previous position as vice president to profit from foreign dealings, after messages and images reportedly from Biden’s laptop were released by the New York Post. Though the data was initially dismissed by many as not real, Biden confirmed in his CBS interview that the laptop in question could very well be his.

President Biden has promised he will stay clear of the investigation into his son – which reportedly began in 2018 – and has kept on Delaware US Attorney David Weiss to “fulfill his promise of maintaining independence,” according to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. 

Biden’s interview with CBS has already been met with a wave of criticism on social media, as pundits have accused the network of not pushing the president’s son hard enough on answers about the scandalous laptop, as well as allegations of corruption.

This has every single classic indicator of deception. Twitter & Facebook should be utterly embarrassed to have run cover for this guy,” journalist Megyn Kelly tweeted in reaction to Biden’s non-concrete answer on the ownership of the laptop.


  1. We all are 1000% certain you will be cleared of all charges. We are also 100000000% certain you are guilty of all the charges.

  2. He will be cleared only because now his father is the so called President. The people will remember and yes you will be found guilty!

      • And the military stood back and the cops did nothing and Americas allies said nothing All at the highest levels. Corrupt globally Get the picture now .? And drugs, the global drug trade has been the tool they used to corrupt The military gain a d secure the drug a d drug routes,the navy transport the drugs and the aur force overseer rhe operation Obce delivered to their destination port the cops take over and run the racket from there on .” They’re all in it together ” Princess Dianna ” nothing is what it seems ” QE2.

  3. Hunter is as crooked and evil as they get. But the fix is in and he will get away with everything, just like all corrupt Dems.

  4. They stole the entire American government with reward for a job well done .And the world witnessed that lie Hut after covid anything us possible. To them .The mob .The law is theres .

  5. He’ll get on with his drug fuelled corrupt lifestyle and get back to raping children immediately. I hope all of those that are complicit in the crimes get found out and executed.

  6. Who could have guessed that? Color me surprised.
    Daddy’s boy will be protected at all costs.
    You can take that to the bank.

  7. Really think his Dad is going to let him be locked up? LOL. Hunter is the poster child of the 2 tiered justice system in America, which is really the no justice system. If it was Don Jr. instead he’d be locked in solitary for life. I can’t believe nothing has come of Typhoon investigations report on the Biden crime gang and their insidious business dealings with the CCP.

  8. How could you ever be found guilty or anything when you have the old man as the leader of the most corrupt gov’t our country has ever seen. The whole system is rotten to the core. Now that the old man has stolen the presidency I am surprise he’s not going around killing people he doesn’t like. There’s really nothing stopping him from doing whatever he wants to.

  9. LOL….LOL…Good Lord. Compared to Hunter Biden, the Trump brothers are altar boys and geniuses. LOL

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