Is Ted Cruz The Zodiac Killer? 40% Of Public Think So

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40% of the public think Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer

38% of residents in Florida have said that they believe Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz might be the infamous Zodiac Killer, in a new online poll published by Public Policy Polling. 

Sunshine State residents had to answer a question over whether they think Ted Cruz is the infamous Zodiac Killer. The poll asked, “Do you think Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer, or not?” ten percent of voters said yes, and 28 percent said they were not sure. reports:

About two-thirds of voters expressed confidence that the Texas senator is not the serial killer who terrorized Northern California in the Sixties and Seventies, killing as many as 37 people.

Floridians aren’t alone in their confusion on this topic; one of the top search terms associated with the phrase “Is Ted Cruz…” is “Is Ted Cruz the Zodiac Killer?” Interest spiked in February of this year, but Twitter users have been demanding answers since speculation began in 2013.

Despite calls to put the rumors to bed once and for all, Cruz has not bothered to deny or even acknowledge them — perhaps because he was born in 1970, two years after the Zodiac began his killing spree.

The rest of the poll’s findings are pretty dismal for the anti-Trump contingent of the GOP. Even if the bottom three candidates drop out of the race, the survey finds the party’s anointed one, Marco Rubio, would be shellacked in a head-to-head race with the Apprentice star, earning just 38 percent of the vote to Trump’s 52. More Floridians think Rubio should drop out of the race (44 percent) than think he should stay in (40 percent). Party leaders can’t be pleased with results that show either Democratic candidate would handily beat every Republican except Trump — who, according to this poll, at least, would best Clinton by two points and Sanders by three in Florida if the election were held today.

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