Nutty Nadler: President Trump’s Behavior “FAR WORSE” Than Nixon’s

Fact checked
Jerry Nadler says Trump's behavior is far worse than Nixon's

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler has declared that President Trump’s behavior was “far worse” than President Nixon’s.

During an interview on Friday’s broadcast of CNN’s “AC360,” Nadler said the information revealed by the Watergate tapes “was piddling compared to what was absolutely proven” in President Trump’s sham impeachment trial led by House Democrats.

“What was revealed on that tape was piddling compared to what was absolutely proven now. And, yet, the bulk of the Republican Party now refused to act. They were perfectly prepared and — to let this kind of unconstitutional theft of — attempted theft of an election go forward,” Nadler said, without an ounce of proof.

Host Anderson Cooper than asked Nadler, “You’re saying what President Trump did is worse than what Nixon did.”

“Far worse,” Nadler responded.


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