Stern News Reporter Sees The Funny Side After A Jolt [VIDEO]

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Wendy Birch of KTLA 5 gets videobombed

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TV reporter comes back to real life after an encounter on set.

In a ‘shocking’ video, a reporter for KTLA 5 TV station in Southern California gets video-bombed on set.

The stern looking Wendy Birch was reporting from the streets on the serious topic of the Olympics when she gets a jolt from an unexpected visitor to her temporary set. The man interrupts her video report by his unexpected entrance. Reporter Birch delights the audience as she gets jolted back to the reality of the situation. Thankfully she did not suffer heart failure or become overwhelmed with fear.

Funny Local News Bloopers YouTube video:

Funny man scares news reporter with his videobomb.

Edmondo Burr
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