New Russian Super Sniper Rifle VSK-94

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Meet the new low cost, high precision Russian super rifle

The VSK-94 sniper rifle meets the challenge of being the potential super weapon of choice for Special Ops.

The challenge to snipe in all weathers and as far as possible has been met by the new design of the Russian super rifle, the VSK-94. The ‘Silent killer’ has been designed by expert Russian armament masters, who have incorporated their expertise in the field of weapons and equipment into the rifle.

The top of the line VSK-94 silenced sniper rifle was developed by the Tula-based Instrument Design Bureau, noted for their high-performance GSh-series aircraft cannons, and other famous weapon systems.

Sputnik News reports:

The VSK-94 is actually an attempt to create a less expensive rival to their special purpose VSS Vintorez 9mm silenced super-rifle.


The conduct of urban combat operations requires more compact, easily concealed sniping weapons and the VSK-94 fits the bill just perfectly.VSK-94


It is light and, unlike its prototype, it sports a more rigid and convenient plastic buttstock and an altered iron sight with settings graduated to a range of up to 400 m.

One important component of the sniper complex is the optical sights – the daytime PKS-07 the nighttime PKN-03M, which offer the latest achievements in this field, giving the rifle an edge over its closes competitor – the US-made S-16 Grendel 7.62x39mm unit.

With a comparable effective range, the S-16 is 100 mm longer and 1.6 kg heavier.

The VSK-94 rifle is a simple and reliable gas-operated weapon. It has a long service life (at least 6,000 shots), irrespective of the types of cartridges fired.


The relatively low cost of the VSK-94, with its superior qualities, is also important.

The VSK-94 sniper complex came along at the right time and is now a weapon of choice for Special Ops troops both in Russia and abroad.


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