False Flag: Alex Jones Is Soaked In Coffee By Alt-Left Loony

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Far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has hot coffee thrown in his face while filming in Seattle’s alt-left no-go areas.

He was making a documentary demonstrating the great tolerance of the left, when a random man walks up to him, opens his thermos and throws coffee all over the far-right anti-fake-news presenter.

Some people on Twitter believe the incident was a false flag operation to portray the left as loonies who are unable to tolerate the truth

The Daily Sheeple reports:

Earlier today, Jones uploaded a video to Twitter that shows him having both positive and quite negative interactions with people downtown.

Warning: Excessive profanity and some violence


Reactions to the video – particularly, the coffe-related altercation – have been mixed…

What do YOU think – was the coffee-throwing incident staged?

alex jones

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