Elderly Man Dies Rescuing Woman From Railway Line

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elderly man

An elderly hero jumps out of his car and onto railway tracks to save the life of a woman who had jumped off a bridge.

A man in his 70s died in an accident with a train after saving the life of a 38-year-old woman.
They were both hit by an oncoming train travelling from Ramsgate to Charing Cross.
The accident happened at around 11:00 am on Tuesday at Chartham railway station in Kent, England.

The Metro reports:

Witnesses called the man a ‘hero’ after he saw the woman on the tracks while sitting in his car at a level crossing in Kent this morning.

He reportedly noticed a woman standing on a footbridge nearby jump down onto the tracks, before running to her aid.

The man is understood to have died instantly after the collision, while the woman is seriously injured and has been airlifted to a specialist head injuries unit in London.

Police are now investigating the incident.Elderly Man

A witness said the man seemed to think ‘he had enough time so he quickly got out of his car and onto the track’.

‘By the time he realised the train was coming he couldn’t get off,’ the witness added.

Another witness, Michael Kember, said the oncoming train started sounded its horn as it approached the pair.

‘The bloke was a hero. It’s just so unfortunate that this happened to someone trying to rescue another person,’ he added.

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