‘Woke’ Teacher Calls 6th Grader “Straight D**k” For Asking Why Straight Kids Don’t Get Unicorn Cupcakes

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Teacher caught verbally abusing straight 6th grader for asking why straight students dont get to eat unicorn cupcake

A 6th-grade teacher was caught on camera yelling profanity at a student after he requested a unicorn cupcake allegedly reserved for LGBT pupils.

At the beginning of the video, the teacher calls a student “ignorant” before asking, “Would you like a special unicorn cupcake for being straight jerk?”

“Yes!” the student replied.

Infowars.com reports: “Come here! Get a straight jerk cupcake. For being a pill,” she yelled.

Pill is slang for an annoying person.

After handing the student a cupcake, the teacher walked away and sighed, saying, “What a d**ck.”

When the student questioned the insult, the teacher doubled down, shouting, “A d**k!” before realizing her mistake.

Trying to walk back the remark, she said, “Like a dipstick. A butthead. A weasel. A pain in my butt.”

“I thought you said something else,” a student filming the incident countered the teacher’s obvious revision.

“This summer is LGBTQ month and I’m not going to see you so I wanted to give you something,” the educator told the class, explaining why she was handing out unicorn cupcakes.

American parents who are able to need to take their children out of public schools en masse.

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