Another Healthy Child Dies After Receiving Flu Shot

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A five-year-old girl from Las Vegas died last Tuesday from flu only weeks after having received the flu shot which was supposed to protect against the exact strain she died from. 

She began showing symptoms of the virus on January 18th but died later that day after unsuccessful attempts to treat her. reports:

However, Kiera collapsed later that day. Her mother performed CPR while they waited for the ambulance.

The little girl’s health worsened after she was hospitalized and she passed away on Tuesday from influenza A, her family said.

Kiera’s family said the spirited kindergartner had received her flu shot and did not have any underlying illnesses.

Laurel Beckstead told KLAS. “This is something that you couldn’t foresee coming.”

Community members celebrated little Kiera’s life on Friday at Sweet Tomatoes, which was one of her favorite restaurants, according to the station.

“Every father thinks their little girl is special, and she was my little girl,” her father, Patrick Driscoll, said.

Kiera loved “hugs, rainbows, ponies, kittens, princesses, purple, unicorns and everything magical.”

“You would have never met a happier little girl,” her mother, Tiffany Driscoll, told KLAS.

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