Caitlyn Jenner Says Trans Activists Who ‘Attacked’ Swimmer Riley Gaines Are ‘Domestic Terrorists’

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Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner has blasted the trans activists who attacked swimmer Riley Gaines calling them the ‘Radical Rainbow Mafia’.

Jenner, herself a trans woman, claimed that President Biden is trying to erase ‘women in sports’ by allowing transgender females to compete in women’s leagues.

A strong advocate for women, Jenner also slammed Nike for using bilogical male, Dylan Mulvaney, to promote its sports bras.

Both Jenner and Gaines openly support the banning those born as males from women’s sports 

The Mail Online reports: Jenner, 73, appeared on Fox News on Saturday to defend the 22-year-old swimmer, who claimed she was punched twice during a protest by trans activists at San Francisco State University following a talk on saving women’s rights last week.

Gaines, who is an open supporter of banning those born as male from women’s sports, previously told she was forced to barricade herself for three hours from a vengeful mob of around 100 protesters.

The transgender reality star blasted the assailants for giving a bad name to the transgender community, referring to them as ‘terrorists.’

‘I think it’s disgusting and it’s so bad. It’s such bad publicity for the trans community, There are so many good people out there. But I call this the ‘Radical Rainbow Mafia.’ They are left-wing activists. They are domestic terrorists,’ Jenner said.

The former Olympic star supports transgender rights and ‘fairness’ but has openly supported banning those born as males from women’s sports.

Jenner later added that the US will kill female leagues if officials allow trans females that were born male to compete. 

She specifically pinpointed President Joe Biden for trying to ‘erase women’ while insisting she is for fairness and not ‘equality.’

‘Joe Biden is trying to erase women. He’s trying to erase women in sports because if he gets through what he’s trying to get through, it’ll be the end of women in sports. And that’s a shame because women’s sports have come so far in this country and Joe Biden is trying to kill it,’ Jenner said.

‘I mean, we’re trying to do everything to make women’s sports better and fair because this is about fairness. I’m about fairness, not equality… not equity.’

In 2015, Jenner, who says she is a conservative-leaning libertarian, publicly came out as a trans woman in a Vanity Fair article titled: ‘Call Me Caitlyn.’

Jenner famously won a gold medal in the men’s decathlon at the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal as Bruce. She also won gold in the same competition at the 1975 Pan American Games in Mexico City.

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