Nike Sponsor Biological Male To Promote Their Sports Bra

Fact checked

NIKE WOMEN’S Newest Ambassador…is a biological man.


Nike has been accused of mocking women after it was revealed that transgender-identified biological male Dylan Mulvaney had entered into a lucrative sponsorship deal with them to promote their leggings and sports bras.

As part of the deal, Mulvaney posted a video of himself on instagram where he can be seen prancing about in the bra and leggings.

He wrote: “Home for a moment and leaning into cozy workout wear life with @nikewomen ‘s newest Zenvy leggings and Alate bra! They’re so comfortable and buttery soft, perfect for workouts and everyday wear! #feelyourall #teamnike #nikepartner”.

As Oli London pointed out: “Another day, another company slapping all women in the face by mocking them and paying a man to take their place!”

Mulvaney recently generated controversy after being made a Bud Light spokesperson to promote the NCAA basketball championship

Summit News reports: Numerous others called for a boycott of the company, seemingly unaware that their reaction to the farce is what Nike is banking on to generate millions of dollars in free advertising.

The sponsorship deal once again underscores how, far from being marginalized and discriminated against, transgender people enjoy endorsements from some of the world’s biggest corporate behemoths.

Mulvaney and his ilk have adopted ‘woman face’ to cash in on an increasingly bigger scale by grifting off of a transgender movement that grows more bizarre and extremist by the day.

Even transgender people who seriously believe they can identify as a different gender should be perturbed by Mulvaney blatantly exploiting the whole thing for money.