The Reptilian overlords are here … we need to overcome our fear

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The article linked to below was written in 1994 by John Rhodes in which he provides information regarding the alleged human connection with the reptilian race and the symbolic and archeological history that demonstrates that these beings have existed on earth for thousands of years. 

Whatever you think about the reptilian overlords – this is an interesting and entertaining read…

Various pieces of evidence accumulatively indicate a strong relationship between the human and reptilian species. Mytho-histories of aboriginal tribes across the world record their presence on the surface of the Earth. Underground cities that are reported to exist in the southwestern United States, such as Dulce base and the Hopi Indian Sipapuni, appear to have been constructed by reptilian beings, experiencer reports continue to describe contacts with nonhuman life forms that have a reptilian anatomy and the human brain reminds us of how the human race evolved from reptiles.. This reptiliform influence is more than just symbolism. It appears to be a manifested reality in our lives that refuses to disappear.

The reptilian beings are on Earth now, they always have been on this planet and, if we can overcome our inherent fear of the reptilian image and understand how it has been used against us, we will one day realize that, although we are physically different, we are from the same primordial essence.



Sean Adl-Tabatabai
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