Australia To Force Fluoride Water On Citizens After Deeming It ‘Safe’

Fact checked
Australia declares fluoride drinking water safe, forcing all citizens to drink it

The Australian government are set to introduce fluoride in drinking water across Australia following a recent study that deemed fluoridated water “completely safe.”

The government say that after analyzing 60 years’ worth of scientific data and 3,000 studies, fluoride does not lower a persons IQ or damage their health in any way. reports: “It shows that community water fluoridation as it’s used in Australia today is effective at reducing tooth decay and is not associated with any general negative health effects,” said NHMRC CEO Anne Kelso.

According to NHMRC fluoride reference group member Professor Clive Wright, previous studies about water fluoridation affecting children’s IQ were based on old Chinese studies. He explained that these studies used poor methodology and included areas with up to five times more fluoride in the water supply compared to Australia.

The authors of the Australian study also concluded that there is no connection between fluoridation and certain types of cancer. According to the study’s results, rather than being harmful, fluoride used at optimum levels resulted in a 26 to 44 percent reduction of tooth decay. Hence Australia’s “completely safe” verdict.

Additionally, Sky News reported that there has been no clear association between fluoridation and Down syndrome, mortality, hip fractures, bone cancers, osteosarcoma, and Ewing sarcoma. Also, there is insufficient proof of fluoride being a primary cause of chronic kidney disease, heart disease and high blood pressure, kidney stones, low birth weight, osteoporosis and musculoskeletal pain, thyroid function, gastric discomfort, headache, and insomnia.

Don’t these conclusions make you wonder which “trustworthy” sources the Australian researchers used for their study?

Ignoring the obvious

The safety levels are set in the NHMRC’s Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (AWDG) and the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. The upper limit for tap water is 1.5 micrograms per liter and the limit for bottled or packaged water lies between 0.6 and 1.1 micrograms per liter.

In 2016, the National Resource Council (NRC) concluded that fluoride is a neurotoxin that can inhibit brain function. Other studies reportedly found that children exposed to fluoridated drinking water had a lower IQ. Furthermore, fluoride may harm tooth enamel or cause dental fluorosis.

Given these risks, it is strange that Australia decided to keep poisoning its citizens via fluoridated drinking water because it may prevent tooth decay.


  1. Hey Aussies, you can kiss your thyroid G’Day. Sodium fluoride is an industrial waste by-product from the manufacture of aluminum. The Alcoa board of directors must be very pleased with your decision.

  2. Are you kidding me!!! The authorities had introduced fluoride in drinking water since the sixties. I know, as I live in Melbourne and remember well. As is the norm, these findings are a farce and simply a propaganda tool to force remaining communities to put this poison/toxin in their drinking water, mainly the rural areas still drinking clean water. Obviously this industry has an over supply of this by-product and needs to get rid of it, and also make a bigger profit from poisoning the masses through peoples taxes. How despotic, the masses paying to have themselves slowly poisoned. We have stopped drinking tap water for a few quite a few years now and feel great even in our sixties, have strong bones and most of our original teeth with all our faculties still at 110%. Also refusing to take vaccines. The cooperate worlds with the government authorities are playing god over the lives of the people. They do unto others what they don’t want others to do unto them is their philosophy. All for the agenda of money and power from greed and lust for their will to be done due to delusions of grandeur over the masses.

  3. By adding fluoride to all drinking water Australia anticipates that over the next two decades they will see a marked dental improvement in autopsy subjects.

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