Black Lives Matter Protestor Shoots Disabled Veteran ‘Execution Style’ In the Head

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A disabled veteran and single father was shot "execution style" in the head as he drove his truck through a supposedly "peaceful protest" in the small southern Colorado town of Alamosa.

A disabled veteran and single father was shot “execution style” in the head as he drove his truck through a supposedly “peaceful protest” in the small southern Colorado town of Alamosa.

Danny Pruitt, 49, was allegedly shot by attorney James Marshall, 27, as he slowly passed through a protest on his way home in early June.

According to KRDO, Alamosa Police Department charged the defense attorney with attempted murder and assault.

Surveillance footage shows Pruitt pull up to a crosswalk in his black truck as protesters line the sidewalk holding signs. One protester appears to pull a gun from his pocket before taking aim at the driver’s window before firing.

At that moment, protesters disperse and cars drive around the truck which came to a standstill for over two minutes before driving away.

Pruitt managed to drive for around a mile to look for a nearby hospital. Authorities found Pruitt alert–with a bullet lodged in his brain.

Some protesters claim that the disabled vet had plowed into the crowd before the shooting took place. However, authorities were unable to find any conclusive evidence to support the claims.

Go Fund Me–which has raised over $100,000–was set up to support Pruitt following the shooting.

On the description, the crowdfunding page, set up by Pruitt’s niece, reads:

This is Danny Pruitt. On Thursday, June 4th 2020, Danny was on his way to get dinner, when the roadway was blocked by protesters. One protester decided to make a calculated decision, shooting through Danny’s driver side window, the bullet hitting Danny in the back of the head. Danny tried to drive away, Danny tried to make it to the hospital. He was scared for his life. Only making it about a mile from the scene. Before he fell unresponsive. Officers of Alamosa Police Department were able to locate Danny. He was taken by ambulance to San Luis Valley Health, and was later care flighted to UCHealth Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs. Where he is currently in critical condition and fighting for his life. With a bullet lodged in his brain. Danny is on life support. Danny Pruitt is a single father, of a little girl. He is one of the best fathers I have come to know. I can say without a doubt the reason he is fighting so hard, is because of his little girl. Danny Pruitt is a disabled veteran. This fund is for his needs and for his young daughter. Any amount of money you can donate to this family will be greatly appreciated. Please pray for Danny and his family, help him to keep fighting. So his little girl might, one day, have her daddy back.

According to an update on Pruitt’s Go Fund Me page, the disabled vet appears to be recovering from his traumatic injury.

He has a drain in his head for the fluid, to hopefully reduce the swelling on his brain. I have been told he is in stable condition as of now. But the doctor said we won’t know much more until next week. They are going to see how he does, see how much swelling will go down in that period of time. I am sorry I don’t have more than that. It’s just a waiting game right now. They are still running a lot of tests. If I hear anymore I will update everyone promptly. I’ve been told with traumatic brain injuries there are not always frequent changes. So we really just have to wait and see how he is next week. I would like to ask everyone to continue praying for Danny. I feel like all the prayers are extremely helpful.

Marshall is currently out after having posted $60,000 bail.

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