Black Lives Matter Protestor Shoots Disabled Veteran ‘Execution Style’ In the Head

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A disabled veteran and single father was shot "execution style" in the head as he drove his truck through a supposedly "peaceful protest" in the small southern Colorado town of Alamosa.

A disabled veteran and single father was shot “execution style” in the head as he drove his truck through a supposedly “peaceful protest” in the small southern Colorado town of Alamosa.

Danny Pruitt, 49, was allegedly shot by attorney James Marshall, 27, as he slowly passed through a protest on his way home in early June.

According to KRDO, Alamosa Police Department charged the defense attorney with attempted murder and assault.

Surveillance footage shows Pruitt pull up to a crosswalk in his black truck as protesters line the sidewalk holding signs. One protester appears to pull a gun from his pocket before taking aim at the driver’s window before firing.

At that moment, protesters disperse and cars drive around the truck which came to a standstill for over two minutes before driving away.

Pruitt managed to drive for around a mile to look for a nearby hospital. Authorities found Pruitt alert–with a bullet lodged in his brain.

Some protesters claim that the disabled vet had plowed into the crowd before the shooting took place. However, authorities were unable to find any conclusive evidence to support the claims.

Go Fund Me–which has raised over $100,000–was set up to support Pruitt following the shooting.

On the description, the crowdfunding page, set up by Pruitt’s niece, reads:

This is Danny Pruitt. On Thursday, June 4th 2020, Danny was on his way to get dinner, when the roadway was blocked by protesters. One protester decided to make a calculated decision, shooting through Danny’s driver side window, the bullet hitting Danny in the back of the head. Danny tried to drive away, Danny tried to make it to the hospital. He was scared for his life. Only making it about a mile from the scene. Before he fell unresponsive. Officers of Alamosa Police Department were able to locate Danny. He was taken by ambulance to San Luis Valley Health, and was later care flighted to UCHealth Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs. Where he is currently in critical condition and fighting for his life. With a bullet lodged in his brain. Danny is on life support. Danny Pruitt is a single father, of a little girl. He is one of the best fathers I have come to know. I can say without a doubt the reason he is fighting so hard, is because of his little girl. Danny Pruitt is a disabled veteran. This fund is for his needs and for his young daughter. Any amount of money you can donate to this family will be greatly appreciated. Please pray for Danny and his family, help him to keep fighting. So his little girl might, one day, have her daddy back.

According to an update on Pruitt’s Go Fund Me page, the disabled vet appears to be recovering from his traumatic injury.

He has a drain in his head for the fluid, to hopefully reduce the swelling on his brain. I have been told he is in stable condition as of now. But the doctor said we won’t know much more until next week. They are going to see how he does, see how much swelling will go down in that period of time. I am sorry I don’t have more than that. It’s just a waiting game right now. They are still running a lot of tests. If I hear anymore I will update everyone promptly. I’ve been told with traumatic brain injuries there are not always frequent changes. So we really just have to wait and see how he is next week. I would like to ask everyone to continue praying for Danny. I feel like all the prayers are extremely helpful.

Marshall is currently out after having posted $60,000 bail.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. He shouldnt have gotten bail That’s ridiculous They’re nuts .He goes home and gas dinner and the rhe guy he shots fighting for his life. That’s crazy law, Hes crazy and should be disbarred from law and licked up

  2. Perhaps true justice will find him and do what must and should be done while he is out on bail.

    • I know that kind of justice is wrong. Like tit for tat but after the judge let him post bail and at only 60k the people’s justice may be the only real justice this poor guy receives. I just hope he recovers and can go back to a normal life. This shouldn’t be happening in this country. I’m in the south and I know Atlanta is blue but let those soy boys and wanna be tough idiots come down here. We don’t put up with that shit down here. Trust me.

      • i said that a while ago if they defund the police it will be the wild west 2.0 where the fastest draw gets justice

        • Thanks and same to you and yours. We got your back down here and I’m sure it’s the same in little towns all around this land! (Thank you Hank Jr.)

  3. If ANTIFA and BLM are involved the protest is only peaceful until they find a target. They always want to be the first to get violent.

    Marshall better have a few bodyguards!

  4. I think it should be clear by now that if you stop for protesters, they will try to kill you. They block the road, I’ll plow right through.

  5. I would like to believe in due process HOWEVER it is times like these there is no scale of economy where justice is concerned. It is all about $$$ in the end these days. The judge should have not granted bail to the shooter no matter if he was white, an attorney, and a Democrat supporter. The man is going to go Rabbit on them and play his hand at his Attorney knowledge and money he has squirreled away. He is an extreme flight risk considering a host of factors sight unseen. Now should someone see him on the street, recognize him, and takes justice into their own hands… chalk it up to Karma! I am so sick of progressives who are willing to kill people with guns as they preach gun control to the rest of us. This country has gotten sick and we need to savor the bitter flavor so maybe we organize and take our home back.

  6. The terrorist tried to murder a man for no reason, and he is on the street on a low bail???

    • If he was shot in the back of his head he may have vision problems since that is where the visual cortex is located.

    • He’s on the Left. If they can SPY on POTUS & try to OVER TURN a legit Election then Murder of Disabled Veterans is just PAR for the Marxist Commiecrats! #WalkAway from the Cult of Psycho America Hating, Lawless Rioters, Looters, Arsonist, Terrorists & Bigoted Murders!

    • Lets start a contest as to who can name the best or most or for that matter lets see how creative clear thinking minds can be, I would like to submit the following, Born Losers Mob

  7. These people aren’t protesters and it’s an affront to call them that. They are violent, Marxist insurrectionists bent on overthrowing the government and making the whole country a “CHOP” zone.

    • You are exactly right. BLM thinks this is all about them; they don’t realize they are being used as pawns in the left’s fulfillment of Obama’s promise to “fundamentally change” this country. This is a leftist revolution, decades in preparation in Universities and Colleges. A coup. Wake up, loyal US citizens, or your freedoms and your country will be gone.

  8. And they let the perp out on bail plus he is a lawyer.

    I usually am fluent in cursing but words have abandoned me. Time to bring in public gallows and quick trials.

  9. It is time to start shooting back at these punks. They want a civil war? It is time to give it to them!

  10. This is turning into a shooting war. It will probably never end, and innocent people are the ones who will be hurt most. Evil actions always do that.

  11. I think the day is getting closer where we are not going to have a choice, but to pick up arms and defend our nation from the domestic threat that exists today.

    • The deep state has done all they can to make this happen. Don’t ask for what you don’t really want….because you might just get it!! Arm up, lock and load….the time s near.

  12. This criminal’s bail bought and paid for by your Hollyweird celebrities and Democrat supporters. If you want to stop this madness. Boyott anything these Hollyweird pedophiles create and vote Republican in November. This is just getting way out of control.

  13. Look at the smug, self-righteous look on the ahole perp’s face. The absolute picture of a leftist POS.

  14. The silent majority must stand up and take action before we lose our country. And by stand up I mean initiate open season on all domestic terrorists.

  15. $60k bail, for attempted MURDER? But then, maybe that’s not so bad after all, he’s out of jail now and accessible to anybody looking for some PAYBACK.

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