Amanda Bynes is Being Sued by Her Only Friends – Sad

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From CeleBuzz (source):  Amanda Bynes refused to stay in a hotel paid for by her parents, and with no where else to go, a couple of (what she thought) were good friends took her in and offered her a place to stay.

However, things seem to have turned for the worse between the girls, and it’s resulted in both Bynes and her parents being sued yet again.

According to TMZ, the troubled star was staying with three girls in West Hollywood (one of whom is the hairstylist who dyed Bynes’ hair violet) and the girls are saying she absolutely trashed the place, burning cigarette holes in the carpet and splashing blue hair dye all over the carpets and sinks.

The girls described her as “two different people:” one moment she was sweet and quiet and the next she would turn angry and rude. (Apparently they were unaware that she publicly admitted to being bi-polar).

One of the girls’ mothers was the one who signed the lease and has contacted Bynes’ parents demanding $1,500 to repair the damage. Bynes’ parents refuse, reportedly telling the mother that was a risk the girls took when they let Amanda into their home knowing full well she was unstable.

The 28-year-old’s parents even bought their daughter a hotel room to stay at for a little while, but Bynes wasn’t happy with the location, preferring to wander the streets in Hollywood and occasionally catch some Zzz’s on a mall couch.

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