International Business Times: Queen Elizabeth Battling With Alzheimer’s

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From an article in The International Business Times (source): Reportedly struggling with Alzheimer’s disease, Queen Elizabeth is having serious health problems as she approaches the age of 90. Latest reports revealed that the 88-year-old monarch was found wandering in the palace garden and can’t remember Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding.

“Dying Queen Elizabeth is battling a shocking new health crisis the palace is trying desperately to hide, insiders reveal in a world exclusive,” according to GLOBE magazine’s Oct. 20th issue. “The 88 year old Monarch is tragically showing the early stages of mind-robbing Alzheimer’s disease as she wanders the Palace garden lost and confused, can’t remember Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding, and thinks Charles is her husband, Phillip.”
Now in high-alert, the staff palace are keeping an eye for the ailing Queen and keeping everything under wraps about her rumoured mental problem. With 800,000 people living with Dementia in UK, the monarch’s illness is more than just a slip of memory if she can’t even remember her own son. Not just a memory loss, the illness also damages language skills and it can get worse over time, according to Daily Mail.
After 62 years on the throne, the Queen is gradually transferring some of her monarch duties to Prince Charles as he takes more head of state-style of responsibilities before taking the throne. But it’s not just the 65-year-old prince who will be taking more responsibility, Prince William and Prince Harry will be assuming roles since relinquishing their military roles.
Like passing the throne to the next generation, Queen Elizabeth’s gentle succession is to prepare Charles to be the future King of England. Both William and Harry are also helping out with the royal duties, and more visible in public appearances as part of the monarchy in transition.
Based on Mirror’s report, she would no longer take long-haul flights for diplomatic missions but will not totally give up some major royal engagements even if it involves a little bit of travelling. So it’s no surprise when Kate Middleton was tasked to represent her in Malta’s 50th celebration of its independence. But due to her extreme morning sickness she have to cancel her trip and let Prince William attend the celebration.

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