Adam Kinzinger Introduces AUMF To Defend Ukraine Should Russia Use WMD

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Adam Kinzinger

GOP Lawmaker Adam Kinzinger has introcued a measure that would facilitate US military intervention in Ukraine.

The legislation, if passed, would give congressional authorization for President Biden to use military force to defend Ukraine should Russia use chemical, biological and/or nuclear weapons.

Kinzinger, who has been pushing the Biden adminsitration to establish firm red lines in the Eastern European conflict, announced his new congressional resolution – Authorization for Use of Military Force to Defend America’s Allies Resolution of 2022 – during an interview on Sunday.

The congressman said the AUMF would give Biden leverage, and added that the resolution could serve as a deterrent to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The US has previously passed AUMF resolutions, including in 2001 following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and in 2002 for the Iraq War.

Chicago Tribune reports: Speaking on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” the Illinois Republican said the joint resolution would not be a mandate for the Democratic president but rather a measure that would provide an option for Biden’s administration while also sending a warning to Russian President Vladimir Putin as he pursues war with Ukraine.

“It just says if it is used, (Biden) has that leverage. It gives him a better flexibility. But also, it is a deterrent to Vladimir Putin. If Vladimir Putin wants to escalate with the west, he will. It’s easy for him to do it,” said Kinzinger, a six-term congressman from Channahon who is not seeking reelection.

“Prior to World War II, there were moments nobody ever wanted to get involved and eventually came to realize they had to. I hope we don’t get to that point here. But we should be ready if we do,” he said.

Kinzinger, a U.S. Air Force veteran with missions in Afghanistan and Iraq who is a lieutenant colonel in the Air National Guard, said in a separate statement that his introduction of the use-of-military-force resolution came after speaking with Secretary of State Antony Blinken “and hearing his grave concerns over Putin’s use of chemical weapons.”

Kinzinger, in his TV interview, also said he hoped there would be broad congressional support for Biden’s call last week for $33 billion in humanitarian and military aid to Ukraine through September.

“Look, we do have outliers and people that seem to show some Putin sympathy, but for the most part Congress is vastly and largely united on the issue of Ukraine. We recognize Ukraine is fighting for all of us,” Kinzinger said, citing some Republicans who have questioned providing U.S. aid to the war-torn country.

“That $33 billion is significantly less than what we would have to spend if we took Russia on directly, so I hope we don’t have any impediments to that at all. I wouldn’t expect we do.”


  1. It’s amazing how the troll Zelenskyy is always begging for help from everybody from one side of his mouth and then from the other he claims the Ukrainian army is holding its own pushing the Russians back. Such a farce.

    This is not our fight and we need to leave it alone. The ONLY reason our government is so vested in the Ukraine is because of the corruption we’re linked to there. It was considered one of the most corrupt governments for the past 5 years and now suddenly they are painted as tragic heroes. Nobody wants nuclear war and frankly Zelenskyy can burn as far as 90% of the world is concerned.

    • Maybe, but the world’s comoliant governments, seeking approval from the Bank of England, basically, to cut to the chase, will seek fundings of billions, with plenty of cream to skim off the top of the Loans, will support the democratic peristalsis played out on the global stage.

    • There are also about 14 secret biolabs in Ukraine operated by U.S. and Biden is involved in this up to his neck. Ukrainian military are committing crimes against humanity, even crucified a man on a cross in a video I saw yesterday posted by someone who lives in that part of the world. Lots of Nazi symbolism and Zelensky is a Nazi. When I was in Ukraine in 1977 tour guide told us there were Nazis there and had been there since WW2. Why is our govt wanting to side with Nazis and criminals? Ask Biden, Kinzinger and anyone supporting going into Ukraine.

  2. I wish they would care more about our open southern borders and less about Ukraine–we owe Ukraine nothing–they may but we don’t.

  3. BS bill as the house&senate can not start a war based on a bill only the president can and he won`t be around much longer with less than 30% of the public backing him,he is only GRAND STANDING wasteing out time&money for arms sells 0ners

    • No Pelosi and him are Catholics The most Powerful Republican females are Catholic All the Catholic led nations are supporting Ukraine which has a large Catholic based religious population The nazis were almost all Catholics It’s a nazi movement. That is a Catholic movement. And Zingdunger seat is basically Chicago which coincidentally is of course the Catholic mafia mobs head quarters.

    • Sorry, no, going to war has to be approved by Congress, always has been that way. Otherwise, putting it in hands of the president gives way too much power to one man.

    • Ah ha Ypur usung deduction You’ve got it. Intentions. There’s no way America can defend itself when sandwiched between Canada and Mexico who can pump agents over the wall s to subvert from within, whilst foreign nations can be deceived into launching mitary attacks from without and protect her allies too. So Australia’s doomed Western Australia with the huge URANIUM deposits, no one EVER admits too , plus the massive iron ore deposits worth trillions still untapped, the Kimberly pink Diamonds, the Broome pearl industry not to mention the MASSIVE Ord River scheme rice and cotton fields, the wheat belt, the sheep farms dairy farms, beef farms coal fields gold mines bauxite aluminumum etc etc etc all just sitting there defended by next to nothing. Some totally unarmed drug addicts and beer suckers pill pipping mamas and dumd as kids, watching footy.

      • After Russia as the richest prize on earth Western Australia s number 2. And even better almost all of the wealth is concentrated into just a handful of peoples ownership So easy to dispose of them and their heirs About 20 minutes and a firing squad

  4. So pathetic All thro innocent acts Tramdpatent as. Always the same game always the opposite. Black 8s white and white is black, good is evil and evil is good truth is lies and lies is truth.

  5. His dad was CEO of some faith based “organisation” He married Boehner and Pence s former aide They have a kid Christian Adam.
    He said he’s not running again for office. You know that means he’s been offered something more lucrative elsewhere. You know Heres some big pile of cash waiting for the right person to collect.

  6. If this bill passes how long before a fake attack shows up in the wire services like they did in Syria?

    The uniparty is desperate for another forever war so they can grab more power and loot.

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