Shocking Leaked Videos Reveal MH370 Was ‘Disappeared’ Using Nazi Technology

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It has been described as the greatest mystery in aviation history. When Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared on March 8, 2014, the entire world was fascinated by how a Boeing 777 airliner with 239 people onboard could possibly go missing without a trace.

It has been described as the greatest mystery in aviation history. When Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared on March 8, 2014, the entire world was fascinated by how a Boeing 777 airliner with 239 people onboard could possibly go missing without a trace.

Nine years later, the official narrative has not changed. Apparently we are supposed to believe that in this day and age, with high-tech surveillance monitoring our every move and satellites scouring every inch of the globe at all times, a Boeing 777 can simply disappear off the face of the earth?

As usual, the mainstream media has been complicit in covering up the truth about an event that threatens to expose the secrets of the elite.

What if I told you that video images from three advanced US military surveillance cameras captured exactly what happened to MH370?

And what if I told you there is a very good reason why the elite did not want the truth about the ill-fated flight to ever see the light of day?

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To explain the extent of the cover up and what it reveals, we need to go back to the start.

Nine weeks after MH370 disappeared into thin air, a leaked video was published on YouTube by a third party who claims to have received it a few days after the plane disappeared.

The video shows what appear to be a Boeing 777 type airliner on fire, being trailed by three spiraling orbs. After a few seconds, the orbs change to a vertical pattern and disappear with the airliner in a flash, leaving nothing but a trail of smoke in the sky.

On June 12th a second video was published to the same channel showing the same mysterious event but from a second viewpoint.

Few people who saw these videos at the time had any understanding of what they were witnessing. But the powers that be understood all too well.

These videos were quickly deleted from YouTube but can still be found on

Ashton Forbes and his team have been researching these videos extensively and have provided forensic evidence that these videos are legitimate including digital forensics verified by CGI professionals, eye-witnesses and government data.

Forbes and his team have successfully addressed any and all debunking claims and have listed them for all to see on @JustXAshton.

This research is rock solid. And the conclusions that can be drawn from it are eye-opening to say the least.

The first leaked video was taken from a pair of American signals intelligence satellites, known as USA-229.

These twin satellites are capable of creating 3D stereoscopic images by capturing two slightly different views.

Forbes’ team have proven that the twin USA 229 satellites were logged at the exact location, time and apparent angle required to have captured this video.

This event occurred at around 2.30 in the morning. It was completely dark. The wavelengths you can see that were captured by these cameras are for detail and the stereoscopic effect allows for added depth perception.

The source of the second video has been identified as an MQ-1C Grey Eagle unmanned combat drone with infrared and thermal technology. This video focuses on the heat signature.

So where did these videos come from? Who leaked them? And what were they hoping to achieve? Let’s just say the global elite have more in common with the Nazi regime than we even realized.

The man responsible for leaking these videos appears to be Lt. Cmdr Edward Lin. He was accused of being a spy but court transcripts suggest this was just spin to deflect attention from the real crime being covered up by the elite.

The details of Lin’s supposed crimes, including the time and place they supposedly happened, are completely redacted.

But we do know some details from his trial. And these details suggest Lin is indeed the man responsible for leaking information about the most monumental aviation crime in history.

We know from Lin’s trial that the classified information in question was published on the internet. And we also know that the Lt. Cmdr had full security clearance to the exact same technology used to capture these videos.

The coincidences are too big to ignore.

So when all of the information is pieced together, what do we have? What happened to MH370? And just as importantly, why did it happen?

Using Inmarsat satellite pings and military radar to track its path and eyewitness testimony to verify, Forbes put together the final doomed flight path of MH370.

On March 7th at 1642 UTC, Flight 370 took off from Kuala Lumpur international airport. At 1721 the plane abruptly turned back towards the nearest airport in Penang, Malaysia.

A witness on an oil rig reported the plane was on fire. Several witnesses along the east coast also reported hearing a loud bang and seeing a glow coming from the plane as it passed overheard.

At 1752 the pilot’s mobile phone pinged the local tower.

At 1840 an eyewitness on a boat reported that the plane was glowing orange and appeared to be on fire.

The Inmarsat ping data shows the same sharp left turn that we see in the videos. And then it abruptly goes to zero as the plane disappears.

Chinese satellite images released by the CCP also show what appear to be three orbs. The Chinese first claimed it was debris. Later they said releasing the image was a mistake.

There are all sorts of theories for what could have happened to MH370. But none of them can explain the fact that three different advanced US military surveillances cameras captured this one event.

This is where the story becomes disturbing.

Twenty-three of the passengers onboard were related to Freescale Semiconductors, a company leading the development of superconductor technology, which is exactly what this incident appears to be.

This is reminiscent of what the Nazis were doing with their highly classified Die Glock project. Dubbed “wonderweapons” at the time, luminous objects like this were first reported in May of 1940 as Germany invaded Belgium.

By 1942, many people began reporting them, starting in the skies over Germany. American pilots became familiar with seeing the spiraling, glowing orbs in the skies and called them “foo fighters.”

What were the foo fighters the Nazis were working on? According to declassified documents, it was some kind of superconductor targeting system for teleportation. Next level Nazi warfare that has been continued by the global elite.

And let’s not forget Gary McKinnon, who in 2002 was accused of perpetrating the biggest military computer hack of all time.

McKinnon was accused of hacking into 97 United States military and NASA computers over a 13-month period and he claims to have seen evidence of an advanced off-world military fleet.

They say that military technology is always 10 years ahead of what they allow the public to know. In this case, the Nazi technology appears to be decades ahead.

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