Bombshell Evidence Reveals Deep State Fabricated ‘Hispanic Nazi Mass Shooter’ Conspiracy

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Evidence reveals Deep State behind nazi mass shooter conspiracy

Bombshell new evidence proves that the Deep State intelligence agencies are behind the false narrative that the Allen Texas mall shooter was a “white supremacist.”

Over the weekend, several mainstream media outlets including the Washington Post floated the idea that Hispanic shooter Mauricio Garcia may have had ‘Neo-Nazi’ beliefs.

In a concerning move, the Deep State is promoting the narrative of Hispanic shooter Garcia being a neo-Nazi white supremacist by leaking details of an ongoing murder investigation to The New York Times, Bellingcat and other mainstream media outlets. reports: Bellingcat is the notorious go-to website for the British intelligence agencies.  Bellingcat, and others, are sharing information and evidence in real-time, evidence that has, in some cases, been redacted. Further, several documents are placed on the floor with the same carpet background in what looks to be the collection and cataloging of evidence.

Aric Toler from Bellingcat stated that, “It is unclear how the investigators cited by The NY Times learned about this (the Russian) account, but it is likely that they searched Garcia’s home computer or phone and found this account.”

It is clear, however,  from the grade of evidence that WaPo/NYT/Bellingcat are getting near real-time access to highly sensitive details about an active murder investigation and were provided raw crime scene alleged evidence for the purpose of narrative engineering.

Is it a Deep State leak to manufacture and push the narrative they want?  We certainly have seen this before in recent history with the 51 experts signing the garbage Hunter Biden laptop letter and the entire Trump-Russia narrative that was created by Democrats, the media, and anti-Trump deep state liars.

Additionally, there are questions regarding the photos used by Toler and the origin of the information.

XRVision reports that some of the images published by Toler, that purport to show that Mauricio Garcia had a Nazi affiliation, have been repurposed from a non-related May 6, 2022 New York Post article by Hannah Sparks titled “Nazi-themed wedding celebrating Hitler’s reign, vegetarianism condemned.”

Toler is also trying to link Garcia to TimCast and LibsofTikTok.  The account features photos of Lationos wearing/posing with Neo-Nazi symbols.

Additional questions have been raised about the genesis of Toler’s “evidence.”

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